Public defence in Management Science, M.Sc. Ellie Dillon

Public defence from the School of Business, Department of Information and Service Management, Management Science
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Title of the thesis:
"Model-based approaches to decision making in healthcare delivery” 

Healthcare systems worldwide face escalating pressures from aging populations, advancements in pharmaceuticals and technologies, strained services, and economic constraints. Hence, robust decision-making processes are imperative to maximise population health. Mathematical modelling has proven to be a valuable tool for addressing such healthcare challenges. Recent experiences, exemplified by the COVID-19 pandemic, have demonstrated the effectiveness of mathematical modelling in decision-making in healthcare delivery. This thesis contributes to the advancement of model-based decision-making in healthcare with a focus on practical applicability. It leverages two healthcare domains, colorectal cancer screening and the blood supply chain, to illustrate the benefit of model-based approaches in improving cost-effectiveness and resource utilisation in public healthcare delivery. In conclusion, this thesis underscores the role of model-based approaches in healthcare decision-making.


Doctoral student: Ellie Dillon
Opponent: Professor Alec Morton, University of Strathclyde
Custos: Professor Eeva Vilkkumaa, Aalto University School of Business

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Contact information of doctoral student: Ellie Dillon [email protected]

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