Online event: This is Aalto – our direction in research, education and impact

Thank you for participating! A recording of the event has been published on this page.
Strategy key visuals visualising the university key areas, namely research, education, impact, illustration by Anna Muchenikova
Illustration: Anna Muchenikova

Thank you for participating! A recording of the event has been published in Panopto as well as below.


New year, new direction!

At Aalto we shape a sustainable future. But what does this mean and how are we doing it? And where will we be in five years?

We would like to invite everybody at Aalto - faculty and staff, students, lifewide learners, alumni and partners - to participate in a community event showing our university's future direction for research, education and impact.

Vice presidents Ossi Naukkarinen, Petri Suomala and Janne Laine will tell about the concrete steps we’re taking in shaping a sustainable future. We will also see examples of recent and ongoing projects of our values in action.

The event will conclude with a live studio discussion with student representative Milja Leinonen and president Ilkka Niemelä around wellbeing, values, diversity, and together building an Aalto spirit. The audience can participate by using the event chat area.

The event is hosted by international editor Kate Jurva from Communication Services and staff scientist Enrico Glerean from Aalto School of Science.  

Videos and recording

Watch long versions of the example projects presented at the event: This is Aalto - Youtube playlist

This is Aalto event recording

This is Aalto team gives special thanks to – 
Hosts Enrico Glerean, Katrina Jurva  

Guests Milja Leinonen, Ilkka Niemelä  

Vice Presidents Janne Laine, Ossi Naukkarinen, Petri Suomala 

Aalto community members who contributed to the production 
Matthew Allinson, Tiina Aulanko-Jokirinne, Anna Berg, Eivor Biese, Mira Bartholdi, Manuel Fonseca Martinez, Enni Grundström, Riikka Haikarainen, Iikkamatti Hauru, Janne Hirvonen, Birgit Holmberg, Vilhelm Hongelin, Riikka Hopiavaara, Anna Hynynen, Minna Hölttä, Veli-Matti Ikävalko, Leena Kangasperko, Jutta Kasslin, Marjo Kettunen, Sami Kettunen, Hely Kilpeläinen, Roope Kiviranta, Matti Korpi, Heli Laukko, Reetta Lindberg, Annika Linna, Antti Leino, Marianne Lenoir, Jussi Lindfors, Ira Matilainen, Teemu Matilainen, Anastasia McAvennie, Anna Muchenikova, Kitty Norros, Terhi Ollikainen, Minna Pajari, Tarja Peltoniemi, Anu Pietinen, Anitta Pirnes, Tatu Pohjola, Raili Pönni, Maria Rantamäki, Mikko Raskinen, Susanna Rosin, Jonna Saarelma, Pilvi Saaristo, Jaakko Salavuo, Iina Salmela, Anu Salmi-Savilampi, Robert Salvén, Greta Salonen, Silva Saulio, Jessica Sinikoski, Laura Sivula, Elsa Snellman, Riitta Särkisilta-Lundberg, Anne Tapanainen, Annamari Tolonen, Maiju Tikkanen, Maiju Torkkeli, Katri Winqvist

Thanks again! 

Our strategy

Our living strategy is built for a world in motion. Our purpose, values, and way of working define our long-term direction. We choose development areas and actions that best drive us towards our purpose. As a community, we proactively and continuously re-evaluate these choices.

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