MOSES 2021

3rd International Conference on Modelling and Optimisation of Ship Energy Systems.
May 19-21, 2021, Espoo, Finland

Following the successful organisation of the 2nd MOSES workshop in 2019, the 3rd International conference on Modelling and Optimisation of Ship Energy Systems (MOSES2021) aims to address the contemporary challenges and stimulate the interest of scientists and professionals working in the field of the ship energy systems design and operation.

Stringent environmental regulations, volatility of fuel prices, alternative fuels, development of emerging technologies, artificial intelligence methods, big data analytics, ship systems autonomy and 4th industrial revolution concepts provide to the ship energy systems designer and operator both challenges and opportunities, which if appropriately addressed will result in step changes in the way the ships energy systems are perceived today.

In this respect, MOSES2021 will provide an opportunity to bring together scientists and professionals from industry, academia, government departments, private institutions, research institutions, being a forum for the exchange of the most contemporary ideas, techniques, methods and experience in the area of ship energy systems including modelling, optimisation, control, maintenance, safety, autonomy, environmental friendliness and sustainability.

Conference topics

Modelling of Ship Energy Systems

Simulation Tools- Analysis and Case studies (open-source/ commercial)

Software/Hardware in the Loop (SiL/HiL)

Black-White-Gray Box modelling approaches

Optimisation of Ship Energy Systems

Optimisation Methods, algorithms (innovative, state-of-the-art techniques)

Optimisation under Uncertainty

Single or Multi-Objective optimisation

Control of Ship Energy Systems

High level supervisory control and control of components

Control strategies for optimal load sharing

Model Predictive control

Synthesis, design and operations of Ship Energy Systems

Holistic approaches

Energy management

Ship voyage management

Alternative power plants

Energy Storage

Maintenance & safety

Monitoring Systems

Data acquisition systems and processing techniques

Risk & Reliability assessment

Safety enhancement method

Diagnostics and Prognostics

Sustainability (economic, environmental, and social) management

Emissions reduction technologies

Alternative fuels

Carbon capture

Zero emission vessels

Key Dates

Two possible ways for participation on MOSES2021 are available:

  • With a paper that will be published in the proceedings.
  • With a poster or a presentation. In this case, a paper is not required.
  • The deadlines for individual item submissions will be announced at a later date.


Authors are invited to submit papers and posters on Modelling and Optimisation of Ship Energy Systems to the 3rd MOSES conference that will be held 19-21 May 2021 in Espoo, Finland.

Authors willing to present original contributions must submit an abstract of 300 words that will be reviewed by the International Scientific Committee.

Authors willing to present a contribution to oral communications and posters without submitting a full manuscript must submit a 1-page extended abstract that will also be reviewed.

Information about the abstract submission portal will be added at a later date.

Abstracts will be accepted based on quality and relevance to the conference themes. All accepted papers will be published as the conference proceedings (USB stick format).


Registration fees




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