Exhibition: Materials Matter

The Materials Platform is proud to announce the Materials Matter exhibition, open to the Aalto community and the general public. The exhibition features ten Aalto University research projects developed in collaboration with local, European, and international collaborators, originally shown at Slush 2018.

Join us to see the Material Innovations for the Future from the Aalto University!
Materials Matter exhibition by Materials Platform at Slush 2018_photo Ariane Relander

The exhibition is open for general public 23.01.2019 - 03.03.2019. To plan your visit, note Dipoli opening hours

About the Materials Matter exhibition

No matter how virtual our future may be, we are now living in a material world. Sustainable, bio-based, re-useable, intelligently designed materials solutions aim to ensure a bright future for us all. How are we approaching materials research today? What outcomes can we expect in the coming years?

The Materials Matter exhibition showcases ten scientifically novel materials research projects from Aalto. The exhibited projects were selected by a multidisciplinary team based on scientific novelty and potential interest to the public, investors, and startup entrepreneurs at Slush 2018. In true Aalto spirit, the exhibition is a combination of business, art and architecture, and technological expertise: societally and economically relevant, made by an artistically ambitious team of designers, and featuring cutting-edge science.

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