Defence of dissertation in the field of Automation Technology, Master of Arts (Art and Design) Kimmo Karvinen

The title of thesis is “Lowering barriers on embedded systems design”

Embedded system development platforms have made designing prototypes and devices possible outside the engineering domain. The dissertation explores tools and processes that lower the threshold of designing embedded systems. These enable others than just engineers to turn their innovations into working prototypes, that can evolve into deployable devices and products. As a result, a method is presented, including a framework for selecting novice friendly sensors, a minimalistic approach for teaching robot prototyping, an IoT rapid prototyping laboratory setup and a case study employing the same novice-friendly tools for developing Aalto 1 -satellite sun sensor. Although there is ample research available regarding teaching embedded systems, multidisciplinary focus on developing prototypes is lacking.

Opponent:  Dr Martin Edin Grimheden, Royal Institute of Technology KTH, Sweden

Custos: Professor Ville Kyrki, Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation.

Thesis webpage

Contact information: Kimmo Karvinen, tel. +358452678454, [email protected]

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