Defence in the field of Space Science and Technology, M.Sc. (Tech.) Matias Takala

The title of thesis is “Microwave remote sensing of snow and environment”

The public debate of climate change is often concentrated on the rise of the average temperature of Earth. Lately also the diminishing glaciers and sea ice on polar regions have gained attention. Snow is equally important phenomenon of cryosphere that has not yet gained as much weight as it should.

In this dissertation the changes of mass of snow and the snow clearance date have been investigated using satellite measurements spanning over three decades. The instrument used is a passive microwave radiometer that measure the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the target. Their resolution is typically in terms of tens of kilometres and that is the reason why, for example, the whole Northern Hemisphere can be covered daily. In addition, the effect of clouds and other weather related phenomena is negligible.

The created datasets have been further utilized to determine changes in CO2 balance in the atmosphere, improving climate models and improving river discharge forecasts. Daily maps of snow are available as near real time services.

Opponent: Professor Claude Duguay, University of Waterloo, Canada

Supervisor:  Professor Jaan Praks, Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering, Department of Electronics and Nanoengineering.

Thesis webpage
Contact information: Matias Takala, +358 40 5279778, [email protected]



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