Business Outsider: Pilvi Takala, Selected Works

An exhibition by Aalto University's artist-in-residence for 2018 showcases a selection of her video works at the M8 Art Space. The artist will be present to tell about her work at the opening on 22 May.
Pilvi Takala Aalto-yliopisto

Pilvi Takala will present her work at the exhibition opening on 22 May at M8 Art Space from 17.00 to 19.00.

Hosted by the Department of Marketing at the School of Business, Pilvi Takala is working within the residency project to examine constructions of entrepreneurial spaces; with a focus on performative identity, behavioural norms and the creation of start-up terminology.

Business Outsider includes a selection of Takala’s acclaimed works in which corporate environments provide stages for playful interventions. By acting in disguise or adopting various performative roles – a trainee at the multinational consulting firm Deloitte being the most wellknown example – Takala is persistently investigating the social structures and rituals that govern our everyday lives as communal beings.

Pilvi Takala is known for her long-term work in advancing the creative palette of socially engaged arts. Living and working between Helsinki and Berlin, she is one of the most internationally recognised Finnish artists. Takala is a graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki (2006). She has also studied at the Glasgow School of Art and spent the past ten years living abroad, in Amsterdam, Istanbul and Berlin. Takala will present her latest works in a solo exhibition Second Shift that opens at Kiasma Contemporary Museum of Art on 23 August.

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