Back to Work Sessions: Changing working life: brain well-being in mind, boosting creativity by optimising doing and idling - Kiti Müller

Aalto University launches a series of interviews called Back to Work Sessions – How do we together build a more socially Sustainable Future of Work?

How can we work in a more socially sustainable way? How to approach work in a socially sustainable way and build individual, organizational and societal resilience, maintain dignity and humanity at work, take care of our thinking and our brains, lead in a more sustainable manner and generally better nurture our mental, physical, emotional sides whilst at work? Our selected experts will each give us their take on this matter and deep-dive into their expertise areas. Read more about the Back to Work Sessions here.

Welcome to Aalto University's new interview series Back to Work Sessions –How do we together build a more socially sustainable future of work?. The interview series is an initiative by Aalto University Future of Work and the series is live-streamed and open for everyone on Youtube.

During the third event on Thursday, November 25th at 15pm EET professor and neurologist Kiti Müller willdiscuss the theme Changing working life: brain well-being and mind boosting creativity by optimising doing and idling. The interview is moderated by Research Director Hertta Vuorenmaa. Event language is English.

Watch the event here on November 25th 15.00 EET onwards.

The next interview will take place on December 15th with Professor Jari Hakanen from the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. His interests include Work engagement, Burnout, Employee Well-Being, and Positive Work Psychology. Then we will start the new year off well in January with Senior Performance Coach Heikki Huovinen at Hintsa Performance and will discuss how to maintain both physical and mental wellbeing at work.

Picture of Kiti Muller

Kiti Müller is a neurologist and professor. She has been studying the effects of work tasks and working environment on brain and mind well-being, cognitive and physiologic performance, especially daytime vigilance and sleep since the early 90s.

Back to Work Sessions – How do we build a more socially Sustainable Future of Work
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