Aalto ELEC Family Day 2019

Welcome to Aalto ELEC Family Day at Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering!
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The School of Electrical Engineering organises a family day for its staff, alumni and invited guests with their families on Saturday 14 September 2019 at 13–17. Come together with your family or by yourself to explore the wonders of technology and to discover the latest of what is happening at our School.


Tiedekerho workshops for kids

Tiedekerho workshops are suitable for children over the age of 3. Younger kids can also join workshops together with an adult. Workshops run nonstop throughout the event. No pre-registration necessary.

Read more about Tiedekerho (in Finnish)

Tiedekerho workshops:

  1. Mechanical robot arms are used to move measuring cylinders and build a tower out of them. Room A
  2. Pipetting challenge. Learn how to pipette with precision and create different shades of green in sampler tubes. Room C
  3. Plush doctor clinic features different kinds of band-aids to care for plush patients. On the spot you will find lots of plush toys, but you can also bring your own toy to the clinic. Room D
  4. Marble run labyrinth is designed and built out of PlusPlus building bricks. Room B

Aalto University Junior workshops for kids – FULLY BOOKED

Aalto University Junior workshops are suitable for school children (accompanied by an adult when necessary). Workshops begin at 13.30, 15.00 and 16.00 and have a duration of 50 minutes.

Read more about Aalto Junior (in Finnish).

Juniori workshops:

  1. Building electronics: Build a flashlight  or other gadgets out of electronic components. Workshop is suitable for children over 6 years or accompanied by an adult. Room G
  2. Amazing electricity: How can electricity be produced and what is it used for? Come and make experiments to study different ways to produce and consume electricity. Workshop is suitable for children over 7 years or accompanied by an adult. Room H
  3. Robot drives: Learn about robotics and program robots to move on various tracks. Workshop is suitable for children over 7 years or accompanied by an adult. Room F
  4. Traffic lights (Arduino): Connect led lights and program three leds to function as traffic lights. Workshop is suitable for children over 10 years or accompanied by an adult. Room E

You will find registration information and possible open slots on folders at the event info desk.

Slot car race track

Race on a slot car track that is powered by you riding a bicycle! In the race, two riders can race each other- whose car will finish first? There are two race tracks: one for kids and the other for adults. No pre-registration necessary. The race tracks are brought to you by Sähköturvallisuuden edistämiskeskuksesta STEK.

See here, what racing on the track is like!

Tiedeteatteri shows

Enjoy the show by Tutkija Pii, M.Sc. (Tech.) Kirsi Puustinen, in the ground floor lobby at 14.30. The 30 minute show is fun for all ages!

Check out Tutkija Pii's show.

The shows of Avoin tiedeteatteri will begin at 13.30 and 15.30 at lecture hall AS1. The 50 minute shows will be held in Finnish. The topic will be “How does a Computer Think?”. During the show, transistors, logic gates and adders will form a simple adding machine.

Read more about Tiedeteatteri (in Finnish).

Other activities for kids

At the restaurant, students of electrical engineering will show you how to generate electricity using potatoes. You will also find two microscopes that you can use to examine microcircuits or other things. Visit the restaurant terrace to blow giant soap bubbles.

Electric cars test drives

You can test drive 16 (18) cars from Audi to Volkswagen. Sign up for the 15 minute test drives when registering for the event. You will receive a confirmation e-mail on your registration. You can also check your reserved time as well as possible free slots on folders at the event info desk. Test drives are brought to you by Tesla Club Finland, Suomen sähköautoilijat ry and Liikennevirta Oy.


  • Audi E-tron
  • BMW i3
  • BMW i8
  • BMW 530e (plug-in Hybridi)
  • BMW 330e (plug-in Hybridi)
  • Hyundai Kona electric
  • Jaguar I-Pace
  • Nissan Leaf 62kWh
  • Nissan Leaf 40kWh
  • Nissan eNV200
  • Range Rover Sport 400 Phev
  • Volkswagen e-golf
  • Volkswagen eUp

Electric bike and electric scooter test drives

TT Green Oy will offer you a chance to test drive electric bikes and scooters on the spot. Additionally, there will be an electric motor bike on display as well as devices to capture solar and wind energy.

Read more (in Finnish).

Visit fire trucks, police car, ambulance and a gas-powered truck

You will find all vehicles in the proximity of Maarintie 8 building during the event. Don't miss this chance to sit on a police car and learn about the equipment and crew on an ambulance or a fire truck. There will also be a gas-powered truck for you to explore.

Please note that the ambulance and police car might be called to duty during the event so they may arrive late or leave early.

Explore researchers' accomplishments

Visit demo stands to experience devices and applications created by researchers of the School of Electrical Engineering. Experience space in the VR world and try a health chair measuring you heart activity or a wireless EKG! All Aalto1 Satellite replicas will also be on display.

Learn what studying is like nowadays

Students of the School of Electrical Engineering will talk about their studies: what are they studying and how. Additionally, you can visit the Sähköpaja workshop where students build the most incredible devices. The presentation and visit will take 30 minutes and will start at 13.30, 15.30 and 16.30. Sign up at the info desk on the spot.

Presentation on driving an electric car and charging guidance

Come and here a talk given by Virta Oy’s CEO Jussi Palola on the topic of “Sähköautoilu tänään”. The presentation will be in Finnish at lecture hall TU1. It will start at 15.00 and will last for 20 minutes. No pre-registration necessary. If you need advice related to charging electric cars at home, pop in at Virta Oy’s guidance booth. Come and ask!

Read more.

Try out a fire extinguisher

Try out a fire extinguisher to put out a grease fire with the help of firefighters! Sign up on the spot.

Learn how to sort and recycle plastic waste

Experts from Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY will guide you on how to sort and recycle plastic waste. Guide books will be available for kids and adults.

Recycle broken electric items

Bring your broken printer, coffee maker or other small household appliances to Kuusakoski Oy’s recycling spot at the back of Maarintie 8 building. Unfortunately, you cannot bring refrigerators or other large appliances. Televisions and monitors are accepted.

Read more about Kuusakoski Oy.

Kids Park

Professional caretakers of Hoivanet Oy will take care of your children at Kids Park. This way you can join the event activities yourself. For children over the age of 3. Ask availability on the spot.

Read more about Hoivanet (in Finnish).

Sandwiches and ice cream

We will be offering all participants coffee, tea and sandwiches as well as ice cream and ice pops for children. You will find ice cream and ice pop tickets inside your event pass holder. Lunch is available for 7 euros.

Pea soup and sausages

Vääpelikerho will be offering vegetarian pea soup for the first 200 visitors.You can bring your own plate and spoon! Additionally, you can buy grilled sausages.

In co-operation with

Aalto-yliopisto Junior
Aalto-yliopiston Sähköinsinöörikilta
Espoon pelastuslaitos
Fazer Food Services
Hoivanet Oy
Kuusakoski Oy
Leppävaaran VPK
Liikennevirta Oy
Sähköautoilijat ry
Tesla Club Finland
Tiedekerho/Kirsi Puustinen
Tiedeteatteri/Veikko Sariola
TT Green Oy

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