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Apply funding for your diversity and inclusivity initiative

The School of Science is funding projects that foster and encourage diversity, inclusivity and equality.

School of Science
SCI EDI group

Equality, diversity and inclusion group

The equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) group supports the Dean in developing the school in its path to a more diverse and inclusive place to study and work. The group is responsible for the equality, diversity and inclusion work at the School, including the annual SCI EDI action plan.

Management of School of Science

SCI EDI action plan

The Aalto University Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Plan (EDI plan) supports the continuous promotion of equality and inclusion at Aalto University, and is based on the strategy and values of the university. To support and follow up on its fulfilment, each school prepares its own practical action plan. In the School of Science the focus of EDI work in 2023-24 is on 

  1. Communications​ 
  2. Support for department level EDI groups and activities​ 
  3. Doctoral supervision and academic advising 
  4. Defining relevant indicators and analysis of EDI data 
  5. Accessibility 

​More detailed actions are listed in the SCI Equality, diversity and inclusion action plan and each action has been assigned a task force that ensures the implementation of the plans. The school plan is reevaluated and developed on an annual basis.

More about EDI work at Aalto University

Ongoing EDI initiatives

Shaking up Tech Tampere. Kuva: Jonne Renvall.

Shaking up Tech (external link)

Through the Shaking up Tech event, Aalto University’s schools of technology want to offer young women – who will soon be facing study and career choices – a new understanding of technology.

Making waves VI

Making Waves

Discussing diversity and inclusiveness in our community

EDI related news

Tapio Lokki, Jara Uitto

Towards a more equal community: International mobility

Depending on personal circumstances, international mobility can be either a burdensome responsibility or an open door to adventure. Tapio Lokki and Jara Uitto discuss how they experienced their time working abroad – and how they would now advise younger researchers.

Lassi Haaranen in the office, leaning at desk

Lassi Haaranen appointed as Vice Head of Diversity at the Department of Computer Science

‘These issues are crucial for the wellbeing of our students, faculty and staff,’ says Lassi Haaranen

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