Doctoral education pilot

Doctoral education pilot

‘It’s outrageously interesting to produce new science’ – experiences of doctoral studies and employment

Doctoral degrees in Art and design, Economics and Business Administration as well as Technology can be completed at Aalto University as part of an international academic community. Doctoral research and studies make you an expert in your research topic and increase your professional abilities.

Doctoral education is valuable in the world of work

55 percent of doctoral researchers  plan to work in companies or in the public sector or as entrepreneurs. The rest aim for an academic career. (Doctoral Graduate Survey 2022)

Three years after graduation, half of doctoral graduates are working as researchers, while one in four are in planning and development duties. 40% of graduates work in companies and one third at universities. As many as 3/4 are in expert positions. (Career monitoring survey 2022)

Kouros Latifi and Antti Ontronen

'Doctoral studies are a company's investment in the future'

Murata encourages its employees to pursue doctorates while working

Emilia Kauppi

Doctoral research is shedding new light on recycling

A research collaboration with industry partners is improving the recycling of milk and juice cartons

Kalle Spoof

Kalle Spoof's doctoral research for Saab opened the door to the company's product development

In his doctoral thesis, Kalle Spoof developed beamforming of radar systems

Doctoral researcher Lassi Meronen dressed in a blue shirt, photographed from the side with a studio light shining on the right side of the photo

Why can’t AI say ‘I don’t know’?

Overconfident AI systems can be dangerous, so researchers are teaching them humility

Anna Cichonska by the sea photo Matti Ahlgren Aalto University

Anna Cichonska uses data science to develop better healthcare

Dr. Cichonska has received two awards for her dissertation and now she helps develop preventive medicine using data science

Iiris Sundin katselee taivaalle Laajalahden lintutornilla

When physician and AI work together, the patient benefits

Doctoral student Iiris Sundin learned in her studies that a machine learning model could make use of a physician's silent knowledge which usually is never written down. This kind of model predicts best how a given patient will react to specific treatment.

Eemeli Mölsä being promoted as doctor

Doctoral level expertise is needed as ABB is engineering the energy transition

Joint doctoral research projects between Aalto University and ABB are training scientists to develop the cutting-edge products needed in the future.

Silja Sormunen standing on a forest path in Otaniemi

'Mathematics is a bridge between different disciplines'

Psychology, medicine and philosophy are some of the subjects that Silja Sormunen has studied. That is why Complex Systems, part of Life Science Technologies programme, felt like just the thing she had been looking for. She is also in the Doctoral Track programme.


* Doctoral career monitoring survey 2023, 3 years after graduation: What are the most important knowledge and skills in your current job?

Doctoral graduates in working life

Doctors dressed in black celebrating their promotion as doctors

International doctoral graduates in the workforce – ready for future challenges!

Global competence, good networks, and a doctoral degree are highly valued in the labour markets when companies are looking for game-changers.

Corporate collaboration
Tohtorinhatut promootiopäivänä

Doctoral graduates of Aalto University in working life

Skills learned during doctoral education are valuable in working life

Doctoral education

As a doctoral researcher in Aalto

Two doctors raising their glasses to celebrate their promotion to doctors

What are doctoral studies like?

As a doctoral student, you are part of an international academic community. The doctoral research and studies develop you into an expert of your research topic and build your professional capacity.

Doctoral education
A man with a doctor's hat on celebrating his promotion as a doctor with other doctors

How to apply for doctoral studies?

Find out what is required of applicants and what can our doctoral studies offer!

Doctoral education
talvinen kuva Otarannasta kaisloineen

Results of the doctoral student yearly follow-up 2023

The results cover the majority of our active doctoral students - all doctoral students are expected to answer the survey every year.

Drawing of a heart floating between two hands

Doctoral student wellbeing and support

Support services, challenging situations, progressing in your studies and research, study skills and wellbeing

Doctoral education
Three people with bikes in front of Väre building

Doctoral student representatives for 2024 appointed

Doctoral students are represented in the Schools' Doctoral programme committees and in the Aalto University's Doctoral Education Working Group (DEWG)

Aalto University researchers at work in the laboratory
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Four tips for more responsible assessment of research and researchers

At Aalto University, we are committed to improving further our practices related to responsible research and researcher assessment. Our goal is to recognize the diverse outputs, practices, and activities that maximize the quality and impact of research. Aalto University is a member of the Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment, CoARA. The four core principles of CoARA guide the more responsible assessment of research and researchers, and they will also be followed at Aalto in the future.
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Three new Principal University Lecturers appointed

During the academic year, the president of Aalto University has appointed three new principal university lecturers.
Senni Heimala
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Doctoral research seeks textile dyes from nature and bioproduction side streams

Aalto University and the Natural Resources Institute Finland are developing bio-based textile dyes.
Anne Sunikka, Anton Sigfrids and Pekka Marttinen
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Open Science and Research Summer Conference 2024 gathered open science experts from all over Finland

Over 90 participants attended in person and 90 listened in Zoom a range of presentations on artificial intelligence, legal and security issues and data management, alongside the latest news on open science activities in Finland. The event was organised by Aalto University, VTT and Open Science Coordination in Finland.
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