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Metrology Research Institute focuses on optical radiation measurements and related activities. We do not forecast the weather!
Metrology research group, Xenon lamp. Photo by the research group

Light is everywhere around us in the form of sunlight, artificial lighting and signaling. Most electrical equipment use either visible or infrared radiation for signaling, displays, sensing, data read-out, or digital communication. Colour is one of the most significant properties in consumer products.

Metrology research of Optical Radiation Measurements is divided into three branches:

  • Radiometry deals with characteristics of light sources and detectors
  • Photometry studies light as humans see it, and
  • Spectrophotometry investigates optical components as well as the optical properties of materials.

Some of the facilities, developed in the laboratory, are at world-leading level, when comparing accuracy, compactness, and operating costs. The group's research concentrates on electronics, modern optics and optical radiation measurements.

Metrology Research Institute is a joint laboratory between Aalto University and MIKES. It is involved in many national and international projects. Most of the research in the laboratory is currently carried out within the frameworks of EURAMET EMRP and EMPIR.

The Institute is the national standards laboratory for optical quantities in Finland, maintaining national standards of optical quantities and carrying out calibrations at the highest level.

The research group is led by Professor Erkki Ikonen. For other staff members, see Aalto People - Signal Processing and Acoustics (note that not all profiles are public). See our detailed project descriptions for information about specific contact persons for each activity.

Research areas

Find out more about the key research areas of the Metrology Research Institute. The pages contain information about our latest projects. For information about our older projects see our Annual Reports Database.

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Photometry is the measurement of visible light as perceived by humans. Our current focus is on increasing the accuracy of the energy efficiency measurements of novel light sources, such as LEDs and OLEDs.

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Radiometry deals with techniques for measuring electromagnetic radiation, in the form of ultraviolet radiation, visible light, and infrared radiation.

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Spectrophotometry focuses on measuring the amount of light that a sample or an object absorbs or reflects as a function of wavelength using an instrument known as a spectrophotometer.

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Electrical instrumentation

Off-the-shelf measurement equipment are not always available, and dedicated measurement devices are often built at Metrology Research Institute.

Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics

Group members

Latest publications

Simple method for mid-infrared optical frequency comb generation with dynamic offset frequency tuning

Mikhail Roiz, Krishna Kumar, Juho Karhu, Markku Vainio 2021 APL Photonics

Effect of adaptive control on the LED street luminaire lifetime and on the lifecycle costs of a lighting installation

J. Askola, P. Kärhä, H. Baumgartner, S. Porrasmaa, E. Ikonen 2021 Lighting Research and Technology

Electromagnetic radiation detection using cantilever-based photoacoustic effect: A method for realizing power detectors with broad spectral sensitivity and large dynamic range

Sucheta Sharma, Toni Laurila, Jussi Rossi, Juho Uotila, Markku Vainio, Farshid Manoocheri, Erkki Ikonen 2021 Sensors and Actuators A: Physical

Photoacoustic characteristics of carbon-based infrared absorbers

Jussi Rossi, Juho Uotila, Sucheta Sharma, Toni Laurila, Roland Teissier, Alexei Baranov, Erkki Ikonen, Markku Vainio 2021 Photoacoustics

Low-Threshold Fully-Stabilized Mid-Infrared Frequency Comb Generation

Mikhail Roiz, Jui Yu Lai, Juho Karhu, Markku Vainio 2021

Differential spectral responsivity measurements of large bifacial solar cells

Petri Kärhä, Janne Askola, Kinza Maham, Timo Dönsberg, Erkki Ikonen 2021
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