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Calibration services at Metrology Research Institute

The Metrology Research Institute is the Finnish National Standards Laboratory for optical quantities. We offer various radiometric, photometric and spectrophotometric calibrations.
Large xenon lamp.

Metrology Research Institute maintains the following quantities:

  • Photometry
    • Luminous intensity [cd]
    • Illuminance [lx]
    • Luminous flux [lm]
    • Luminance [cd m-2]
  • Radiometry
    • Spectral irradiance [W m-2 nm-1]
    • Spectral radiance [W m-2 nm-1 sr-1]
    • Color coordinates
    • Correlated color temperature [K]
    • Optical power [W]
  • Spectrophotometry
    • Transmittance 
    • Reflectance
    • Diffuse reflectance factor
    • Spectral responsivity [A/W]

Check the calibration service price list below for details.

The Metrology Research Institute also offers consultation services and other support in measurement technology.

Contact: Farshid Manoocheri at [email protected]

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