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The research interest in product development consists of product development methods, including conceptual design, modularisation, integrated product development processes and industrial design and design for manufacturing.
Opiskelijoita työskentelemässä Design Factorylla
Aalto University Design Factory serves as an essential research environment for our product development work.

Research in product development in the department can be divided into two streams: product development methods and development practices in organisations.

  • In product development methods, our research focuses on idea generation, conceptual design, modularisation, integrated product development processes and industrial design and design for manufacturing.

  • In terms of product development practices in organisations, our research investigates how different types of individual perceptions, team practices and organisational processes support developing innovative products.

Latest publications


Katja Holtta-Otto, Zhimin Xi, Zhen Hu, Zhenghui Sha, Janet Allen, Faez Ahmed, Jonathan Cagan, Guanglu Zhang, Haris Ligata, Wei Chen 2021 Journal of Mechanical Design, Transactions of the ASME

Special Issue

Katja Hölttä-Otto 2021

Understanding customers across national cultures

Jie Li, Antti Surma-aho, Álvaro M. Chang-Arana, Katja Hölttä-Otto 2021 Journal of Engineering Design

Simulation Tools for Inclusive Design Solutions

Sujithra Raviselvam, Shiroq Al-Megren, Kyle Keane, Katja Hölttä-Otto, Kristin L. Wood, Maria C. Yang 2021 Universal Design 2021

Usability issues in the operating room – Towards contextual design guidelines for medical device design

Antti Surma-aho, Katja Hölttä-Otto, Kaisa Nelskylä, Nina Lindfors 2021 Applied Ergonomics

From crisis to creativity : entrepreunial action in Finnish packaged food & beverage products

Tua Björklund, Maria Mikkonen, Erika Perttunen, Anna Kuukka 2020
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Design Factory develops creative ways of working, spatial solutions and enhanced interdisciplinary interaction to support world-class product design in educational, research and practical application contexts.

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