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Research in Engineering Design at Aalto University focuses primarily in two fields: product development and mechatronics.
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The research interest in product development consists of product development methods, including conceptual design, modularisation, integrated product development processes and industrial design and design for manufacturing. Aalto University Design Factory serves as an essential research environment for our product development work.

Mechatronics represents modern machine technology as a multidisciplinary field of science, including mechanical engineering with electronics and computer control in the design and manufacture of industrial products. The aim in mechatronics design is to enhance the performance of machines, improve their price-performance ratio and increase functionality. Main research interests in mechatronics include vehicle dynamics in Arctic conditions, hybridisation of mobile machines, industrial internet-connected machines, rotating machinery, tribology and integrated fluid power systems. With respect to integrated fluid power systems, the main research interests are digital hydraulics, magnetorheological actuators, vibration control technology and wave energy applications.

Latest publications

Effect of energy recovery on efficiency in electro-hydrostatic closed system for differential actuator

Thales Agostini, Victor De Negri, Tatiana Minav, Matti Pietola 2020 Actuators

A Feature-Based Framework for Structuring Industrial Digital Twins

Juuso Autiosalo, Jari Vepsalainen, Raine Viitala, Kari Tammi 2020 IEEE Access

The role of solid oxide fuel cells in future ship energy systems

Francesco Baldi, Stefano Moret, Kari Tammi, François Maréchal 2020 Energy

Integrating Design into Organizations: The Coevolution of Design Capabilities

Tua Björklund, Hanna Maula, Sarah Soule, Jesse Maula 2020 CALIFORNIA MANAGEMENT REVIEW

A Hybrid Multi-Objective Chicken Swarm Optimization and Teaching Learning Based Algorithm for Charging Station Placement Problem

Sanchari Deb, Kari Tammi, Xiao Zhi Gao, Karuna Kalita, Pinakeswar Mahanta 2020 IEEE Access

Recent Studies on Chicken Swarm Optimization algorithm

Sanchari Deb, Xiao Zhi Gao, Kari Tammi, Karuna Kalita, Pinakeswar Mahanta 2020 Artificial Intelligence Review

Author Correction

Ville Klar, Jaakko Pere, Tuomas Turpeinen, Pyry Kärki, Hannes Orelma, Petri Kuosmanen 2020

IoT connected device for vibration analysis and measurement

Ivar Koene, Ville Klar, Raine Viitala 2020 HardwareX

The most difficult at-fault fatal crashes to avoid with current active safety technology

Tapio Koisaari, Roni Utriainen, Timo Kari, Timo Tervo 2020 ACCIDENT ANALYSIS AND PREVENTION

Risk response over time: political compartmentalization of terrorism risk perception

Aki Koivula, Pekka Räsänen, Atte Oksanen, Teo Keipi 2020 JOURNAL OF RISK RESEARCH
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Research group members

Katja Hölttä-Otto

Professori (Associate professor)
Kaur Jaakma

Kaur Jaakma

Mechanical Engineering

Ivar Koene

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Shashank Arora

Academy Postdoctoral Researcher

Jie Li

Doctoral candidate

Teo Keipi

Postdoctoral researcher
Katri Johanna Hietala

Katri Johanna Hietala

Mechanical Engineering
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