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Sensor electronics and energy harvesting for wireless sensor networks, wearable, and implant applications research provides solutions for signal acquisition, power control and communications for wireless sensor devices of Internet of Everything and personalized customer electronics. As IoE devices merge the physical environment and internet seamlessly, the wearable and implant applications targets for improved personalized user experiance through advanced wireless user interfaces and information acquisition for personal health and well-being applications. The research aims to ultra low-power implementations of analog and digital electronics in energy scarce application environment.

Gesture Sensor Interface Demonstrator

This video demonstrates the operation of a low-power capacitive gesture sensor interface in a gaming application.

Latest publications

Evaluation of Printed Coplanar Capacitive Sensors for Reliable Quantification of Fluids in Adult Diaper

Muhammad Tanweer, Liam Gillan, Raimo Sepponen, Ihsan Oguz Tanzer, Kari A. Halonen 2024 MEDICON’23 and CMBEBIH’23 - Proceedings of the Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing MEDICON and International Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering CMBEBIH—Volume 2

Smart Diaper with Printed Capacitive Sensors and Integrated Front-end to Monitor Voided Fluid Volume

Muhammad Tanweer, Dipesh C. Monga, Liam Gillan, Raimo Sepponen, I. Oguz Tanzer, Kari A. Halonen 2024 IEEE Sensors Journal

Sustainable Printed Electrodes for Energy Harvesting from Urine to Power IoT Sensor Nodes in Smart Diapers

Muhammed Tanweer, Raimo Sepponen, İhsan Oğuz Tanzer, Kari Halonen 2024 Proceedings of BIODEVICES 2024

Effect of melatonin on low and high dose radiotherapy induced thyroid injury

Serhat Aras, İ̇hsan Oğuz Tanzer, Seyhan Karaçavuş, Neslihan Sayir, Esra Erdem, Fatih Hacımustafaoğlu, Ceren Ezgi Erdoğan, Tansel Sapmaz, Türkan İkizceli, Halime Hanım Pençe, Kürşad Nuri Baydili, Tolga Katmer 2023 Biotechnic and Histochemistry

A temperature and process compensation circuit for resistive-based in-memory computing arrays

Dipesh C. Monga, Omar Numan, Martin Andraud, Kari Halonen 2023 ISCAS 2023 - 56th IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, Proceedings

220-240-GHz High-Gain Phase Shifter Chain and Power Amplifier for Scalable Large Phased-Arrays

Md Najmussadat, Raju Ahamed, Mikko Varonen, Dristy Parveg, Mikko Kantanen, Kari A.I. Halonen 2023 IEEE Access

A Self-Calibrated Activation Neuron Topology for Efficient Resistive-Based In-Memory Computing

Omar Numan, Martin Andraud, Kari Halonen 2023 2023 IFIP/IEEE 31st International Conference on Very Large Scale Integration, VLSI-SoC 2023

Outlooks on Transmitter Energy Efficiency and FOM and a 189.7-dBJ/bit ULP DPPM Transmitter

Mika Pulkkinen, Kari Halonen 2023 IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers

Development of Capacitive Sensors to Detect and Quantify Fluids in the Adult Diaper

Muhammad Tanweer, Raimo Sepponen, Ihsan Oguz Tanzer, Kari A. Halonen 2023 Bio-inspired Information and Communications Technologies - 14th EAI International Conference, BICT 2023, Proceedings

Logarithm-Approximate Floating-Point Multiplier for Hardware-efficient Inference in Probabilistic Circuits

Lingyun Yao, Martin Trapp, Karthekeyan Periasamy, Jelin Leslin, Gaurav Singh, Martin Andraud 2023
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