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The group develops and utilises high-performance computing tools for simulating and analysing data from complex (astro)physical systems, such as turbulent fluids, the Sun, interstellar matter in galaxies. The developed methods include simulation tools accelerated with graphics processing units, and data-analysis tools employing machine learning. One of our current projects is to understand, predict, and mitigate the harmful effects from solar magnetic activity (ERC consolidator grant UniSDyn).
Model of the Sun from PRACE project INTERDYNS
Solar convection zone modelled in the PRACE project INTERDYNS. Simulations were performed with the Pencil Code. Image copyright Ameya Prabhu.


Astroinformatics research group news

Figure 2a from Gent et al.
Department of Computer Science

Small-Scale Dynamo in Supernova-Driven Interstellar Turbulence?

Yes: simulations confirm small-scale dynamo action in the interstellar medium.
Comparison of the time-latitude (butterfly) diagrams of mean radial and azimuthal magnetic field from direct numerical simulation (top) and the Mean-field model (bottom)  White lines: zero contours of mean azimuthal magnetic field from the MF model at the same time. Image copyright Jörn Warnecke, MPS.
Department of Computer Science

How important is turbulence in the solar dynamo?

Aalto scientists show that all turbulent effects are decisive.
ReSolve CoE (Astroinformatics research group) determined magnetic helicity spectrum
Department of Computer Science

The Sun shows signatures of turbulent dynamo action

Astroinformatics research group has determined magnetic helicity spectrum from the solar surface observations using the recently developed two-scale formalism.
Simulated supernova remnant gas density with turbulent shell
Department of Computer Science

Dust destruction in Supernova blast waves

A supernova explosion blasts hot supersonic plasma, destroying more interstellar dust in its path than fits current theory or observations of dust abundances in early galaxies.

Latest publications

Relic Gravitational Waves from the Chiral Magnetic Effect

Axel Brandenburg, Yutong He, Tina Kahniashvili, Matthias Rheinhardt, Jennifer Schober 2021 Astrophysical Journal

Supernova induced processing of interstellar dust: impact of ISM gas density and gas turbulence

Florian Kirchschlager, Lars Mattsson, Frederick A. Gent 2021 Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society

A Knee-Point in the Rotation-Activity Scaling of Late-type Stars with a Connection to Dynamo Transitions

Jyri J. Lehtinen, Maarit J. Käpylä, Nigul Olspert, Federico Spada 2021 Astrophysical Journal

Scalable communication for high-order stencil computations using CUDA-aware MPI

Johannes Pekkilä, Miikka Väisälä, Maarit Käpylä, Matthias Rheinhardt, Oskar Lappi 2021 JOURNAL OF PARALLEL AND DISTRIBUTED COMPUTING

The Pencil Code, a modular MPI code for partial differential equations and particles: multipurpose and multiuser-maintained

Axel Brandenburg, Anders Johansen, Philippe Bourdin, Wolfgang Dobler, Wladimir Lyra, Matthias Rheinhardt, Sven Bingert, Nils Haugen, Antony Mee, Frederick Gent, Natalia Babkovskaia, Chao-Chin Yang, Tobias Heinemann, Boris Dintrans, Dhrubaditya Mitra, Simon Candelaresi, Jörn Warnecke, Petri Käpylä, Andreas Schreiber, Piyali Chatterjee, Maarit Käpylä, Xiang-Yu Li, Jonas Krüger, Jørgen Aarnes, Graeme Sarson, Jeffrey Oishi, Jennifer Schober, Raphaël Plasson, Christer Sandin, Ewa Karchniwy, Luiz Rodrigues, Alexander Hubbard, Gustavo Guerrero, Andrew Snodin, Illa Losada, Johannes Pekkilä, Chengeng Qian 2021 JOURNAL OF OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE

Social structure formation in a network of agents playing a hybrid of ultimatum and dictator games

Jan E. Snellman, Rafael A. Barrio, Kimmo K. Kaski 2021 Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications

Interaction of large- and small-scale dynamos in isotropic turbulent flows from GPU-accelerated simulations

Miikka Väisälä, Johannes Pekkilä, Maarit Käpylä, Matthias Rheinhardt, Hsien Shang, Ruben Krasnopolsky 2021 Astrophysical Journal

Investigating global convective dynamos with mean-field models: full spectrum of turbulent effects required

Jörn Warnecke, Matthias Rheinhardt, Mariangela Viviani, Frederick Gent, Simo Tuomisto, Maarit J. Käpylä 2021 Astrophysical Journal Letters

Small-scale Dynamo in Supernova-driven Interstellar Turbulence

Frederick A. Gent, Mordecai-Mark Mac Low, Maarit J. Käpylä, Nishant K. Singh 2021 Astrophysical Journal Letters
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