Department of Civil Engineering

Structural engineering, mechanics and computation

We investigate the performance of different structures and construction materials and develop solutions for smart, resilient, and sustainable civil engineering structures. 
What do we do?

As a multidisciplinary group of research teams, we holistically tackle today’s challenges (e.g., sustainable development) that are connected to our built environment by contributing our expertise in theoretical and applied research to innovative solutions, based on analytical, experimental, and computational methods. Research teams in this focus area collaborate nationally and internationally with academic, industrial, and other societal partners.

Latest publications

Tree morphology dependent transpiration reduction function of Schefflera arboricola for landfill cover restoration

Sanandam Bordoloi, Jia-Xin Liao, Charles Wang Wai Ng 2024 Journal of Hydrology and Hydromechanics

Leveraging Generative Design for Industrial Layout Planning : SWOT Analysis Insights from a Practical Case of Papermill Layout Design

Kane Borg, Vijayalaxmi Sahadevan, Vishal Singh, Toni Kotnik 2024 Advanced Engineering Informatics

Strength of K-type HSS joint in a slim-floor truss

Viktoria Detkin, Pooya Saremi, Wei Lu, Jari Puttonen 2024 Structures

Geometrically nonlinear behaviour of actively twisted and bent plywood

Serenay Elmas, Joonas Jaaranen, Athanasios A. Markou, Günther H. Filz, Simo Koponen 2024 Engineering Structures

Simplified deflection calculation method for PC box girder bridges with corrugated steel webs using asynchronous-pouring-construction technology

Sidong Feng, Jun He, Weiwei Lin, Chunyue Li, Yongbo Shao, M. F. Hassanein 2024 Journal of Constructional Steel Research

Finnish energy renovation subsidies in multifamily apartment buildings : Lessons learnt and best practices

Hatef Hajian, Petri Pylsy, Raimo Simson, Kaiser Ahmed, Paula Sankelo, Alo Mikola, Jarek Kurnitski 2024 Energy and Buildings

Hysteretic behavior of replaceable low yield point steel links with corrugated web

Jun He, Sidong Feng, Qiang Teng, Weiwei Lin, Yongbo Shao, M. F. Hassanein 2024 Thin-Walled Structures

Effect of Biochar Type and Amendment Rates on Soil Physicochemical Properties: Potential Application in Bioengineered Structures

Rojimul Hussain, Himanshu Kumar, Sanandam Bordoloi, Swathylakshmi Jaykumar, Salih Salim, Ankit Garg, Karangat Ravi, Ajit K. Sarmah, Nirmali Gogoi, Sekharan Sreedeep 2024 Advances in Civil Engineering Materials

Artificial intelligence approach for linking competences in nuclear field

Vincent Kuo, Günther H. Filz, Jussi Leveinen 2024 Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Physics-guided diagnosis framework for bridge health monitoring using raw vehicle accelerations

Yifu Lan, Zhenkun Li, Weiwei Lin 2024 Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing
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Research group members

Jarkko Niiranen

Jarkko Niiranen

Associate Professor
T214 Civil Engineering

Wei Lu

Vanhempi yliopistonlehtori
Gengmu Ruan

Gengmu Ruan

Doctoral Researcher
T214 Civil Engineering

Serenay Elmas

Visiting Doctoral Researcher

Weiwei Lin

Associate Professor
T214 Civil Engineering

Hatef Hajian

Visiting Doctoral Researcher

Youqi Zhang

Academy Postdoctoral Researcher

Rui Hao

Postdoctoral Researcher
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