Mohamed Noureldin

Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
T214 Civil Engineering

AI applications in Structural Engineering

Machine learning for dynamic & seismic design of structures

Structural Health Monitoring

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212 Civil and construction engineering, Construction engineering

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  • Structures – Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Computation, Assistant Professor



Jinkoo 김진구, 엘딘 모하메드 2023

Machine learning-based design of a seismic retrofit frame with spring-rotational friction dampers

Masoum M. Gharagoz, Mohamed Noureldin, Jinkoo Kim 2023 Engineering Structures

Explainable probabilistic deep learning framework for seismic assessment of structures using distribution-free prediction intervals

Mohamed Noureldin, Tamer Abuhmed, Melike Saygi, Jinkoo Kim 2023 Computer Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering

Machine learning-based seismic assessment of framed structures with soil-structure interaction

Mohamed Noureldin, Tabish Ali, Jinkoo Kim 2023 Frontiers of Structural and Civil Engineering

Seismic retrofit of steel structures with re-centering friction devices using genetic algorithm and artificial neural network

Mohamed Noureldin, Masoum M. Gharagoz, Jinkoo Kim 2023 Steel and Composite Structures

A machine learning procedure for seismic qualitative assessment and design of structures considering safety and serviceability

Mohamed Noureldin, Ammad Ali, Sung-Han Sim, Jinkoo Kim 2022 Journal of Building Engineering

Fragility-based framework for optimal damper placement in low-rise moment-frame buildings using machine learning and genetic algorithm

Mohamed Noureldin, Ammad Ali, Shabir Memon, Jinkoo Kim 2022 Journal of Building Engineering

Seismic retrofit of a soft first story structure using an optimally designed post – tensioned PC frame

Jonathan Assefa Dereje, Mohamed Nour Eldin, Jinkoo Kim 2021 Earthquakes and Structures