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Building design and construction

The mission of our building design and construction research is to integrate the two fields by creating new, research-based knowledge to promote energy-efficient, safe, sustainable, healthy and comfortable buildings, thus also supporting the transformation of the architecture, engineering and construction industry.
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Industrial research impact

The AEC sector (architecture, engineering and construction) has a key role in the economies of both developing and developed countries. Major advances in processes and products have been achieved through modularisation, industrialised and lean construction, internet of things, big data and the virtual design of products and works. Increased awareness of indoor air problems and fire safety has also placed an emphasis on the healthiness and safety of buildings for end users.

The design and construction industry must change to exploit new opportunities and respond to challenges. To support this transformation, our group works to integrate the fields of design and construction in our research. 

In building design, the basis of our work is formed by structural analysis, computational engineering and experimental methods, with an emphasis on connections to architecture.

Research into building performance is aimed at developing solutions for the design, construction and maintenance of energy-efficient, sustainable, healthy, and comfortable buildings.

In the research related to information and operations management in construction, enhancing modularity in construction is an objective when focusing on processes, organisations and technologies. To make the mission achievable in practice also the people aspect needs to be considered.

By proactively driving process change, the group will be able to define the skills required to achieve the transformation and develop the teaching of the department to educate game changers - next generation engineers who will implement the transformation.

Building 2030

The Building 2030 project envisions, researches and promotes a better future of construction.

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Building 2030

Latest publications

Diagnosis algorithms for indirect bridge health monitoring via an optimized AdaBoost-linear SVM

Yifu Lan, Youqi Zhang, Weiwei Lin 2023 Engineering Structures

Unfolding the dynamics of free-falling folded chain : Experiments and simulations

Athanasios A. Markou, Djebar Baroudi, Qiang Cheng, Hadi Bordbar 2023 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NON-LINEAR MECHANICS

Digital Twin of a Design Process: An Exploratory Study

Hisham Abou-Ibrahim, Eelon Lappalainen, Olli Seppänen 2022 Proceedings 30th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC). Edmonton, Canada, 27-29 Jul 2022

Experimental dataset for the macro-scale compression of Norway Spruce perpendicular to grain direction

Tito Adibaskoro, Wojciech Sołowski, Simo Hostikka 2022 Data in Brief

Multi-Surfaced Elasto-Plastic Wood Material Model in Material Point Method

Tito Adibaskoro, Wojciech Tomasz Sołowski, Simo Hostikka 2022 International Journal of Solids and Structures

Actual energy performance and indoor climate in Finnish NZEB daycare and school buildings

Kaiser Ahmed, Tero Hasu, Jarek Kurnitski 2022 Journal of Building Engineering

Continuous Improvement of Takt Production With Data-Driven Knowledge Management Approach

Toni Ahonen, Joonas Lehtovaara, Antti Peltokorpi, Petri Uusitalo 2022 Proceedings 30th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC). Edmonton, Canada, 27-29 Jul 2022

Measured and perceived indoor air quality in three low-energy wooden test buildings

Tuomas Alapieti, Camilla Vornanen-Winqvist, Raimo Mikkola, Heidi Salonen 2022 Wood Material Science and Engineering

A dataset for spectral radiative properties of black poly(methyl methacrylate)

Farid Alinejad, Hadi Bordbar, Michalina Makowska, Simo Hostikka 2022 Data in Brief
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Research database

Research group members

Simo Hostikka

Professori (Associate professor)

Vincent Kuo

Postdoctoral Researcher

Wei Lu

Vanhempi yliopistonlehtori

Tuomas Alapieti

Postdoctoral Researcher
Guenther Filz

Guenther Filz

Professori (Associate professor)
T214 Civil Engineering

Yuan Zheng

Doctoral Researcher
Gengmu Ruan

Gengmu Ruan

Doctoral Researcher
T214 Civil Engineering

Serenay Elmas

Doctoral Researcher
T214 Civil Engineering

Weiwei Lin

Associate Professor
T214 Civil Engineering

Youqi Zhang

Academy Postdoctoral Researcher

Raimo Simson

Postdoctoral Researcher

Rui Hao

Doctoral Researcher
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