Kaiser Ahmed

Project Employee
Project Employee
T214 Civil Engineering
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  • Performance in Building Design and Construction, Project Employee


Finnish energy renovation subsidies in multifamily apartment buildings : Lessons learnt and best practices

Hatef Hajian, Petri Pylsy, Raimo Simson, Kaiser Ahmed, Paula Sankelo, Alo Mikola, Jarek Kurnitski 2024

Kouvola Housing fair NZEB houses energy, cost and carbon analyses

Kaiser Ahmed, Hatef Hajian, Tero Hasu, Jarek Kurnitski 2020

How to compare energy performance requirements of Japanese and European office buildings

Kaiser Ahmed, Gyuyoung Yoon, Makiko Ukai, Jarek Kurnitski 2019 Clima 2019 Congress

Indoor climate and energy performance in nearly zero energy day care centers and school buildings

Kaiser Ahmed, Kalle Kuusk, Henrik Heininen, Endrik Arumägi, Targo Kalamees, Tero Hasu, Nicola Lolli, Jarek Kurnitski 2019 Clima 2019