Department of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering

Materials Processing and Powder Metallurgy

Research group carries out highly international studies in biomaterials processing and characterization, materials for hydrogen economy, powder metallurgy, other new materials solutions and their processing phenomena modelling.
Biomedical scaffold
Biomedical scaffolds

Our research areas:

  1. Biomaterials for medical devices and tissue engineering

  2. Materials solutions for sustainable hydrogen economy

  3. Applied powder metallurgy

The Research Group for Materials Processing and Powder Metallurgy is led by Prof. Michael Gasik.

The core competence of the group is “materials design – manufacturing – structure – properties – testing – applications” thermodynamic and engineering modelling and management:

  • Inorganic materials design and processing
  • Materials phase equilibria calculation, phase compositions and reactions experimental studies
  • Special materials solutions for industrial applications (high temperature processes, power generation, tools, coatings, biomaterials)
  • Materials synthesis special processes (plasma, microwave energy and special treatment)
  • Processes simulation and optimisation (fluid dynamics (CFD), heat and mass transfer, chemical processes kinetics, numerical modelling)
  • Unique tailored combined analytical services (thermal calorimetry, thermogravimetry, dilatometry, gas analysis, thermal properties measurement, particle size analysis, fuel cell testing)

We are active in studying and development of life materials solutions for healthcare and sustainable energy applications.

Research work is being intensively carried out in international projects (EU, IEA, Japan).

Michael Gasik

Life materials solutions which work

Michael Gasik

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Cost- and time-effective risk assessment tools needed for biomaterials

17 project partners will collaborate in a new Horizon 2020 project to develop a standardized solution for the evaluation of biomaterials.

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CEST receives seed funding to develop more efficient fuel cells

The Materials Platform has awarded Dr. Annukka Santasalo-Aarnio, Prof. Michael Gasik, Dr. Jingrui Li and Prof. Patrick Rinke seed funding to research more efficient fuel cells. The interdisciplinary team from Aalto's Chemistry and Physics Department will use the funding to prepare a large scale application for a H2020 call.

Nanofiber scaffolds demonstrate new features in the behaviour of stem and cancer cells

A discovery in the field of biomaterials may open new frontiers in stem and cancer cell manipulation and associated advanced therapy development.

Biomedical scaffold

Latest publications:

Surface functionalization of anodized tantalum with Mn3O4 nanoparticles for effective corrosion protection in simulated inflammatory condition

Aydin Bordbar Khiabani, Sara Bahrampour, Masoud Mozafari, Michael Gasik 2021 Ceramics International

Biomechanical features of graphene-augmented inorganic nanofibrous scaffolds and their physical interaction with viruses

Michael Gasik, Roman Ivanov, Jekaterina Kazantseva, Yevgen Bilotsky, Irina Hussainova 2021 Materials

Biomechanical properties of bone and mucosa for design and application of dental implants

Michael Gasik, France Lambert, Miljana Bacevic 2021 Materials

Surface characterization of titanium-based substrates for orthopaedic applications

F. Melo-Fonseca, Michael Gasik, S. Madeira, F.S. Silva, G. Miranda 2021 Materials Characterization

Biomechanical and functional comparison of moulded and 3D printed medical silicones

Alexandra Zühlke, Michael Gasik, Nihal Engin Vrana, Celine Blandine Muller, Julien Barthes, Yevgen Bilotsky, Edwin Courtial, Christophe Marquette 2021 Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials

Enhancement of gingival tissue adherence of zirconia implant posts : In vitro study

Alexandra Zühlke, Michael Gasik, Khalil Shahramian, Timo Närhi, Yevgen Bilotsky, Ilkka Kangasniemi 2021 Materials

Customized Root-Analogue Implants: A Review on Outcomes from Clinical Trials and Case Reports

Telma Dantas, S. Madeira, Michael Gasik, Paula Vaz, Filipe Samuel Silva 2021 Materials

Designing osteogenic-stimulating titanium-based implants

F. Melo-Fonseca, Ines Mendes Pinto, Michael Gasik, Filipe Samuel Silva, G. Miranda 2020

Zirconia implants with improved attachment to the gingival tissue

Khalil Shahramian, Michael Gasik, Ilkka Kangasniemi, X. Frank Walboomers, Jaana Willberg, Aous Abdulmajeed, Timo Närhi 2020 JOURNAL OF PERIODONTOLOGY

Reengineering bone-implant interfaces for improved mechanotransduction and clinical outcomes

F. Melo-Fonseca, G. Miranda, Helena Domingues, Ines Mendes Pinto, Michael Gasik, Filipe Samuel Silva 2020 STEM CELL REVIEWS AND REPORTS
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