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DIWA – Digital Waters Flagship Programme

The Water and Environmental Engineering research group at Aalto University is a key player in DIWA, the Digital Waters Flagship. The DIWA Flagship is led by the University of Oulu, and it is part of the Flagship Programme of the Research Council of Finland, which supports high-level research and the extensive economic and societal effectiveness that is derived from it.
Digitaaliset vedet -lippulaiva

Digital Waters (DIWA) Flagship includes six partners: University of Oulu (director: Prof. Björn Klöve), University of Turku (vice-director: Prof. Petteri Alho), Aalto University (PI: Eliisa Lotsari), Finnish Geospatial Institute/National Land Survey of Finland (PI: Harri Kaartinen), Finnish Environment Institute (PI: Cintia Uvo), Finnish Meteorological Institute (PI: Anna Kontu). 

DIWA aims to become a top-tier water research cluster and innovation ecosystem that facilitates the next industrial water revolution by generating cutting-edge research approaches and outputs as well as having a direct societal impact and business impact. DIWA forms, facilitates and fosters a new generation of water actors across academia, businesses and public sector. DIWA enables a transition towards the digital representation of real-world water systems (Digital Twin) to reproduce hydrological storages, their states, fluxes and processes, as well as ecosystem responses with novel options for improved analysis, planning and governance. DIWA solutions are urgently needed as water is a critical natural resource globally, nurturing a diversity of social and economic activities and having a multi-billion business potential.

Further information on DIWA Flagship Programme:

Digital Waters flagship programme is also part of a doctoral education pilot funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture. You can find more information about the doctoral education pilot on the Aalto University website at: Doctoral education pilot at Aalto | Aalto University

DiWa PhD Pilot picture

DIWA PhD Pilot is looking for the next generation of experts!

Do you want to develop new innovations to solve problems related to water resources, climate change impacts on water systems, and the water sector? 

We invite you to join our team.

Digital Waters is looking for the next generation of experts to join our Doctoral Eductation Pilot. We provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to develop game-changing innovations and find career opportunities in the water sector.

We have over 40 open positions across each of our Partner Universities. Read more and apply on our website:

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