Eliisa Selina Lotsari

Eliisa Selina Lotsari

Academy Research Fellow
Academy Research Fellow
T213 Built Environment
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Fluviomorphic trajectories for dryland ephemeral stream channels following extreme flash floods

Eliisa Lotsari, P. Kyle House, Petteri Alho, Victor R. Baker 2024 Earth Surface Processes and Landforms

The impacts of low flow, ice-cover and ice thickness on sediment load in a sub-arctic river – Modelling sediment transport with particle image velocimetry calibration data sets

Virpi Pajunen, Eliisa Lotsari, Juha Matti Välimäki, Franziska Wolff, Marko Kärkkäinen, Linnea Blåfield, Anette Eltner 2024 Earth Surface Processes and Landforms

Enhancement of two-dimensional hydrodynamic modelling based on UAV- flow velocity data

Franziska Wolff, Eliisa Lotsari, Diana Spieler, Melanie Elias, Anette Eltner 2024 Earth Surface Processes and Landforms

Self-assessment in student’s learning and developing teaching in geoinformatics–case of Geoportti self-assessment tool

Nora Fagerholm, Eliisa Lotsari, Tua Nylén, Niina Käyhkö, Jussi Nikander, Vesa Arki, Risto Kalliola 2023 Journal of Geography in Higher Education

Employing novel wireless agricultural sensors for real-time monitoring of fluvial bank erosion

E van Rooijen, M Dietze, E Lotsari 2023 Earth Surface Processes and Landforms

Permafrost degradation at two monitored palsa mires in north-west Finland

Mariana Verdonen, Alexander Störmer, Eliisa Lotsari, Pasi Korpelainen, Benjamin Burkhard, Alfred Colpaert, Timo Kumpula 2023 CRYOSPHERE

The impacts of near-bed flow characteristics on river bed sediment transport under ice-covered conditions in 2016–2021

Eliisa Lotsari, Karoliina Lintunen, Elina Kasvi, Petteri Alho, Linnea Blåfield 2022 Journal of Hydrology

Nordic hydrological frontier in the 21st century

H. Marttila, H. Laudon, L. M. Tallaksen, F. Jaramillo, K. Alfredsen, Anna-Kaisa Ronkanen, B. Kronvang, E. Lotsari, Maria Kämäri, P. Ala-Aho, J. Nousu, J. Silander, H. Koivusalo, B. Klove 2022 HYDROLOGY RESEARCH