ALL-CELL: From ultra-light to ultra-strong all-cellulose composites via green processing

Finland Distinguished Professor grant awarded to Prof. Tatiana Budtova (Center for Materials Forming of MINES ParisTech, France). The goal of the 4-year project, started in 2016, is to imagine, prepare and characterize new fully biobased materials, all-cellulose composites.
Feng Chen, Tatiana Budtova and Oona Korhonen - ALL-CELL team. Photo by Eveliina Jutila

In all-cellulose composites cellulose matrix is reinforced with cellulosic fibers via their partial dissolution. Chemical similarity of the components allow near perfect adhesion between the matrix and reinforcing fibers resulting in strong self-reinforced composite, which are fully bio-based, biocompatible and biodegradable.

  • Various potential applications such as packaging, bio-medical or structural composites and insulation
  • Lightweight all-cellulose aerogels and cryogels will enlarge the family of porous and strong cellulose materials


The main focus of the project:

Oona Korhonen in the lab
  • All-cellulose composites via short fiber dispersion approach
Feng Chen in the lab. Photo by Valeria Azovskaya
  • All-cellulose composites via partial dissolution method

The project is financed by Business Finland and supported by Stora Enso Oyj and UPM-Kymmene Oyj. Separation Research Oy Ab and Fibertus Oy are cooperating.

Contact information

Tatiana Budtova
Professor (FiDiPro)
[email protected]

Group members

  • Oona Korhonen (PhD student)
  • Feng Chen (PhD student)
  • Khaled Labidi (visiting PhD student from CNRSM, Tunis, 9-11/2016)


The research group of Prof. Herbert Sixta focuses on the fractionation of lignocellulose and valorization of its constituents.

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Biorefineries research group. Photo: Mikko Raskinen / Aalto University.
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