Fredrik Brange

Postdoctoral Researcher
Postdoctoral Researcher
T304 Dept. Applied Physics
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  • Quantum Transport, Postdoctoral Researcher


Adiabatic Cooper pair splitter

Fredrik Brange, Riya Baruah, Christian Flindt 2024 Physical Review B

Interacting electrons collide at a beam splitter

Fredrik Brange, Christian Flindt 2023 Nature Nanotechnology

Lee-Yang theory of Bose-Einstein condensation

Fredrik Brange, Tuomas Pyhäranta, Eppu Heinonen, Kay Brandner, Christian Flindt 2023 Physical Review A

Photon emission statistics of a driven microwave cavity

Pedro Portugal, Fredrik Brange, Kalle S.U. Kansanen, Peter Samuelsson, Christian Flindt 2023 PHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH

Dynamical quantum phase transitions in strongly correlated two-dimensional spin lattices following a quench

Fredrik Brange, Sebastiano Peotta, Christian Flindt, Teemu Ojanen 2022 PHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH

Nonequilibrium phase transition in a single-electron micromaser

Fredrik Brange, Aydin Deger, Christian Flindt 2022 Physical Review B

Effective temperature pulses in open quantum systems

Pedro Portugal, Fredrik Brange, Christian Flindt 2022 PHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH

Controlled emission time statistics of a dynamic single-electron transistor

Fredrik Brange, Adrian Schmidt, Johannes C. Bayer, Timo Wagner, Christian Flindt, Rolf J. Haug 2021 Science Advances

Dynamic Cooper Pair Splitter

Fredrik Brange, Kacper Prech, Christian Flindt 2021 Physical Review Letters

Determination of Dynamical Quantum Phase Transitions in Strongly Correlated Many-Body Systems Using Loschmidt Cumulants

Sebastiano Peotta, Fredrik Brange, Aydin Deger, Teemu Ojanen, Christian Flindt 2021 Physical Review X