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Subversive Reality

Immersive experience with VR
Virtual Environment

Virtual Reality (VR) is the medium of the future. The goal of the industry is to create a new fully immersive reality for humans to experience. But who is controlling the virtual world? Can our minds be manipulated in virtual reality? How is VR going to shape our identity and social life?

We wanted to challenge this idea of fully immersive reality by creating an experience where we question the information of our senses and interact in the physical and virtual world simultaneously. We created a VR environment that is meant to be experienced in a built physical space. The contrast between virtual and physical world challenges the limits of both of the worlds.

Name of group members:

Sofía Guridi, Anne Hirvonen, Tuuli Latvala, Miia Lötjönen , Amedeo Martines, Mikael Petraeus, Julius Rinne, George Seppala

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