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Parametric CAD

MUO-E5047 Parametric CAD, 3 ECTS

During the course the student is introduced to the basics of parametric 3D CAD modeling.
parametric CAD blueprint

Anssi Ahonen


Parametric (associative, feature-based, solid) CAD modelers are used in design, engineering and manufacturing. Using the same software throughout the product development process brings a lot of benefits. 

A parametric, feature-based model can be easily edited at any time. The models are also associative, which means that changes in a single part can be automatically updated to an assembly containing even thousands of parts, thus saving time. 

Parametric CAD software packages often have a broad set of tools and features ranging from basic part modeling to technical drawings and from sheet metal design to simulations. 

After the course the student can: 

  • Use the basic drawing & modeling tools
  • Model simple parts 
  • Create assemblies & drawings 
  • Design utilizing the basics of parametrization, relations & links
A moving image of a part being modelled in SolidWorks
The model and its features can be edited at any time. There can be dependencies between the features.
The making of a green slipper in SolidWorks
SolidWorks (the software used during the course) is also very capable of freeform surfacing.
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