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Miten pallo makaa? - Podcast

A podcast that answers the most burning questions about the situation of our globe.
Photograph credits: Elisabeth Rowland 2019

Our aim is to increase awareness of ecology and create conversation around environmental issues that are connected to people’s daily life. We want to engage, educate, inform and most importantly inspire people regarding these important topics and help them make better decisions in their life. For this, our group created a podcast pilot episode. By using humour and entertaiment as a tool, we hope to challenge the way sustainable information is presented and discussed in our society and reach as wide audience as possible. We believe that having an entertaining tone lowers the barriers and enables people to understand these complex issues better.

Miten pallo makaa is a podcast created by twelve master students from Aalto University. The podcast bases on dialogue between a host and a guest specialist who try to find answers to listeners questions. Miten pallo makaa is hosted by Finnish actor Tuukka Leijavuori and in the pilot episode a guest specialist is climate expert Mira Jarkko. The pilot episode is launched on Wednesday 16th October 2019 on SoundCloud.

Group members:

Elisabeth Rowland (FaCT), Aino Ojala (FaCT),  Anni Avela (CoDe), Aarni Tujula (CoDe), Ulla Vahteri (FaCT), Anni Ruuth (FaCT), Erja Oksanen (FaCT), Anniina Korte (FaCT), Jussi Alanen (CoDe), Julia Strand (CoDe), Elina Onkinen (FaCT), Nada Bellam (FaCT)

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