Contemporary Design

Curating and Storytelling

The main objective of the course is to understand what happens in the field of contemporary design currently and position the Contemporary Design Program student works as part of the ongoing discourse. The aim of the course is to curate and design the yearly exhibition and/or exhibition catalogue for the Contemporary Design Program. The outcome of the course is realised during the following term.

The course consists in three phases: (I) collecting and creating an overview of the works done in Contemporary Design Program done during the academic year; (II) processing and interpreting the collected data, and creating a narration; and (III) professionalizing and presenting the key concepts related to the forthcoming exhibition.
Curating and Storytelling_CoDe
Professor Maarit Mäkelä

Unfolded Magazine Student Takeover 2019

Lectured by Professor Maarit Mäkelä and Professor Julia Lohmann 

Co-teachers: Curators Riikka Latva-Somppi and Gillian Russell, and Tiina Toivola.

Lecturer guest: Bassam Ei Baroni

(non)manifesto of contemporary design

What is contemporary design?

Concept, (non)manifesto, and facilitation by contemporary design MA students.

Sediment sampling in the historical centre of Venice with the Limnos sampler provided by the Finnish Environmental Institute SYKE. Image: Pauliina Purhonen

The trip to Venice—in the words of the students

Contemporary design students spent a week in Venice setting up the exhibition and gathering soil samples for the research.

Critical Tide Floor Plan by MA student Chiao-wen Hsu

About Critical Tide Exhibition

From critical design to critical practice



What is contemporary design?

Contemporary design enables critical reflection

Design is the method with which we shape our world. The new MA Contemporary Design combines material-led design with critical and conceptual thinking practices.

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