Curating and Storytelling

The main objective of the course is to understand what happens in the field of contemporary design currently and position the Contemporary Design Program student works as part of the ongoing discourse. The aim of the course is to curate and design the yearly exhibition and/or exhibition catalogue for the Contemporary Design Program. The outcome of the course is realised during the following term.

The course consists in three phases: (I) collecting and creating an overview of the works done in Contemporary Design Program done during the academic year; (II) processing and interpreting the collected data, and creating a narration; and (III) professionalizing and presenting the key concepts related to the forthcoming exhibition.
Curating and Storytelling_CoDe
Professor Maarit Mäkelä

projects - outcomes - exhibitions

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Future Ceramics: savityöpaja Aallossa 2018.

"Ceramics and its Dimensions: Shaping the Future" - experiences from a two-year exhibition tour

Produced and coordinated by Aalto University’s Department of Design, the exhibition has taught staff and students a lot of the industry and cooperation.

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