Contemporary Design

Creative Digital Design

MUO-E5046 Creative Digital Design, 6 ECTS

2022: Contact teaching on Fridays between 9.15 and 16.00 – some Väre workshops can be accessed other days also

Digital design is a relatively new toolset, process and a medium. Therefore, there are a lot of possibilities for exploring the boundaries of digital design and one’s skillset. During the course the student has a chance to learn about, explore and specialize in the creative use of digital design whether it is in the area of CAD, 3D printing or Virtual reality (to name a few). Every student carries out an explorative project in digital design.

After the course the student has the possibility to continue the project as a personal project 2-10 cr.

After the course the student can:

Identify different areas of digital design
Use the tools in the chosen area (of digital design)
Experiment with, analyze & detect digital processes that offer novel possibilities
Innovate & create new design, processes or expression by using digital tools
close-up of a digitally created crystal chip

Anssi Ahonen


Virtual reality (+AR, MR, XR) brings a lot of possibilities for design, evaluation and experiences. In this simple demo we tested the Varjo XR-3 headset and the mixed reality demo by Varjo & Volvo Cars. The sense of scale and materials brings virtual models to life in an inspiring way.

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