Contemporary Design

Colour and Sensorial Design

Students explore colour, texture, finish and other sensorial modalities in several different materials and contexts in studio setting. They create unique and innovative concepts, samples and collections that will be used during the course in creative, practical and strategic assignments and projects. Close company collaboration with leading brands is a cornerstone of the course and learning pedagogy. Students practice color and sensorial design by considering cultural and consumer preferences, market dynamics, seasonal flow and lifecycle management. The combination of experimentation and real life assignments strengthens students’ creative expression with sensory aesthetic properties, focuses their strategic thinking and enables them to create emotional connections with customers. Through lectures, readings and hands-on explorations they gain knowledge about emerging colour and sensorial design trends, manufacturing methods and technologies, sustainable practices and the role of colour and materiality in digital environments. In the course, students create narratives and prepare presentations containing visual elements and written arguments. Results will be presented, discussed and analyzed together and with design experts from the participating company.
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