Contemporary Design

Bio Materiality

The specific focus of the course is changing annually: it can be for example food and nutrition, the reuse our everyday waste, or experimental design of new biomaterials. Depending of the annual topic, the course may be executed in collaboration with a company or organization. The core of the course is to design an innovative concept in the given context, and to execute process-driven, hands-on material experimentation that aims to the use of material exploration as a source for practice-based design research. The background research, process documentation and final presentation/exhibition are an important part of the learning process.
bio materiality

Bio Materiality was run from 2017- 2019

It will not be taught anymore, starting from Autumn 2020 onwards. 

New course: Materials and Living Systems 

Professor Pirjo Kääriäinen
Lecturer Anna van der Lei


Evol by Sushant Passi. Evol is a series of artistic explorations with two natural materials from trees: cellulose and natural rubber latex. Photo: Eeva Suorlahti.

Aalto students’ eco-art exhibition opens at Helsinki Airport

The exhibition From Nature to Future combines material experimentation and art with surprising results.

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