Collaborative and Industrial Design

Teppo Vienamo

University Lecturer
University lecturer Teppo Vienamo

Teppo Vienamo is a university lecturer in industrial design, materials and manufacturing technology, and prototyping in the Department of Design. Additionally, he teaches in the multidisciplinary product development Aaltonaut minor program at Design Factory


Solar cells laminated on the back side of textiles in the Sun-Powered Textiles project

From Concepts to Designs

The course has a lecture and workshop series, that supports a team design projects starting from an existing design concept which then is iteratively developed to more mature design. Students will use various physical and digital models to develop and evaluate projet.

Collaborative and Industrial Design

Latest publications

Kitkahitsaustulppasarja (Motoral Oy Motoplast)

Teppo Vienamo, Wille Westerlund 2023

NONTOX: Improving circularity of plastic

Pirjo Kääriäinen, Tatu Marttila, Teppo Vienamo, Hanna Arhe, Hannah Scoones 2022

Avant OptiTemp battery series rotational moulded cover

Mikko Piepponen, Teppo Vienamo, Wille Westerlund, Reijo Ström, Riku Koskinen 2022

Rotational moulded pallet for food industry

Teppo Vienamo, Wille Westerlund, Reijo Ström, Riku Koskinen 2022


Teppo Vienamo, Reijo Ström, Wille Westerlund 2021

Reaktori säiliö T1500

Teppo Vienamo, Reijo Ström, Wille Westerlund, Riku Koskinen, Lauri Hautaniemi, Ville Strömmer 2021

Sekoitinsäiliö T1500

Teppo Vienamo, Reijo Ström, Lauri Hautaniemi, Wille Westerlund, Ville Strömmer 2021

Electrolyysialtaan suojakansi

Teppo Vienamo, Lauri Palmu, Reijo Ström, Wille Westerlund, Simo Tuominen 2020

Outotec ASF modulaarisen patoseinänän suunnittelu Motoral Oy Motoplastin tuotantoon.

Teppo Vienamo, Wille Westerlund, Reijo Ström, Henri Fredriksson 2020

Säiliön pinnankorkeusmittarin adapteri

Teppo Vienamo, Matti Malkki, Henri Fredriksson, Antti Mäkelä, Reijo Ström, Wille Westerlund 2020
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