Emerging Designs course 2021

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Designing healthcare for 2030 and beyond

In the autumn of 2021 students of collaborative and industrial design were challenged by a brief set by a collaboration project by The Nordic Council of Ministers and Region Västerbotten. The students were asked to illustrate how the future of healthcare and social care will look like by 2030 and beyond. You can read more about the course and brief here.

In teams of 3–4, the students worked for six weeks in November–December 2021. The teams produced seven concepts that tackle current problems of the Nordic healthcare system with a vision in 2030. The solutions range from supporting mental wellbeing (MONCOM) and alleviating cognitive impairment caused by dementia (Mimi) to the use of mobile and accessible MRI imaging (AMRI Remote and On Time). Central in them is also the ability for remote use, for example for paediatric diagnotics (BUBA) and being connected to the healthcare staff and family members through technology (Hopealinja and Enva). All projects are introduced in more detail below.

Students' projects

AMRI Remote – A mobile MRI system for distant healthcare

The students envision that, in 2030, the most complex medical services of today, will feel as easy as a stroll in your backyard.

Image of a mobile MRI vehicle in front of a rural home

BUBA – A toolkit for remote pediatric diagnostics

BUBA is a device including a set of instruments designed for remote contact with a doctor. It will allow you to perform basic check-ups on your child without having to visit the doctor’s office.

Concept image of Buba showing the instrument set and a parent using one instrument on a child

EnVa – Preventive healthcare system approach for the elderly

EnVa is a concept design for the elderly living in sparsely populated areas in Nordics. The service approach integrates technology, family, community and healthcare professionals

Concept image for Enva showing the logo and an illustration of a lady

Hopealinja – Synthetic audio intermediator service

Connecting dementia patients with their relatives and others through a new simulated audio service that also analyzes patient’s cognitive wellbeing

Concept image of Hopealinja showing the connection between a woman and her elderly mother using Hopealinja intermediator service

Mimi – Dementia-oriented social technology

Mimi as a multi-device platform expands on the notion of having family, relatives and healthcare into one encompassing ‘safety net’.

Concept image of Mimi showing the connection between elderly, loved ones and the GP as well as the smart phone and touch screen for using Mimi

MonCom – Communication and data gathering tool for mental health

MonCom takes steps towards better mental healthcare for everyone. With MonCom clients can manage and share their health data with care providers effortlessly.

Image showing a patient with a wearable that links to the smart phone (shown in the image) by MonCom

On Time: AMRI Emergency Stroke Unit

A student team has developed two service concepts based on AMRI technology. The project explored the potential benefits the concepts might offer in 2030 and 2040.

Concept image of accessible MRI stroke unit with a picture of the van and the interiors

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