Programming 2

Programming 2 is a freshman-year second introductory programming course for more than 200 students yearly, comprehending programming principles and abstractions from gate-level Boolean logic to warehouse-scale computing with massive data. The course is scalable for students: there are 12 rounds of automatically graded programming problems of varying difficulty from warmup drill to optional challenge problems with no limit in difficulty.
Aalto University / School of Business / campus

Visibility and networking opportunities for partners

There exists multiple possibilities for collaboration:

(i) Sponsoring and/or jointly developing optional challenge problems.

(ii) Sponsoring cloud compute resources or industrial datasets for the students.

Sponsor can suggest optional challenge problems and collaborate with the department to define the exact problem statement, also selectively including the possibility for sponsor-side-developed automated exercises for deployment on course infrastructure.

The sponsor gets visibility across all the BSc level students at the School of Science and beyond, and is able to network with best-performing students. Sponsor gets the opportunity to highlight intriguing aspects of the art of computer programming relevant to the sponsor. Sponsor can also award best-performing students.

Contacts: Petteri Kaski, [email protected]

Duration: Late February-May

Size of the students group: 1 student

Application period for a sponsor: November

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