Finland’s national economy runway?

Business Projects clarified the impacts of Finavia / Helsinki International Airport on the economy of Finland.
Aalto-yliopisto/ Yhteistyö

The impacts of the airport were assessed by concentrating on the employment-positive effects of Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, and by evaluating thereby the overall influence of air traffic. At the same time, a scenario analysis of the growth forecasts for Helsinki-Vantaa airport was created and their impact on the national economy was created. Finance, logistics and economics students were involved in the project.                     

‘We had been thinking about this issue for a while internally, and when the School of Economics was able to provide us with a way of implementing it that was suitable with regard to the schedules and costs, the decision was made. Cooperation with the whole project group worked well and the students’ attitude was positive. Two of the three students who carried out the project did their dissertations on the subject after the project as a kind of continuation project.

Of these, the final work dealing with the profitability calculations of the new terminal has complemented our calculation models, and also beneficially challenged us to think about them. I see the supervisor’s role as valuable, because they keep the project on track and at the same time open the way to academic knowledge and possible final project work.

The greatest benefit of the project was that now we have a clear figure for the impact of Helsinki-Vantaa airport on GNP, together with a credible model for calculating it. This data is used in all communications and arguments whenever the issue arises.’

Pekka Hurtola
SVP Corporate Development and Strategy

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