Careers at Aalto

Marianna Bom, Chief Financial Officer

For me, Aalto is an opportunity of a lifetime. When I arrive at the campus in the morning, I think about the meaningful work that we do here.
Marianna Bom_Aalto-yliopisto_Mikko Raskinen

'Before I joined the university in 2009, I had done a long career in international financial management positions in the corporate world, at Nokia and Kone. For me Aalto was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: an inspiring vantage point from where I can serve Finnish competitiveness and this innovative community with the help of my own skills and knowledge.

As Chief Financial Officer my task is to advance the long-term prerequisites for the operation of the university by making sure that the university's finances are on a sustainable foundation. Important themes include the expansion of the university's financial base, the development of a transparent internal funding model that promotes Aalto's competitiveness, as well as efficient and professional services.

What I like best in my work are inspiring challenges and the people – the Aalto community. Every morning when I arrive at the campus I think about the meaningful work that we do at Aalto.’

Career stories

How is it to work at Aalto University? Find out by reading the stories from our community.

Robert Rahkonen_Photo Mikko Raskinen
Careers at Aalto

Robert Rahkonen, Controller

It's great to be able to support the university's operations – be it a smaller student event or a research project spanning several years.
Hannes Päivänsalo_photo: Mikko Raskinen
Careers at Aalto

Hannes Päivänsalo, Head of IT Operations

We have an especially great opportunity to see through a unique change in the university's operation that can take Aalto to the next level.
Tommi Mikkola_Aalto-yliopisto_Mikko Raskinen
Careers at Aalto

Tommi Mikkola, University Lecturer

I particularly enjoy situations in which I can genuinely interact with students.
Maire Syrjäkari_Aalto-yliopisto_Mikko Raskinen
Careers at Aalto

Maire Syrjäkari, Educational Developer

The best part of my job is the open and trusting atmosphere of this community.
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