Biofilia - Base for Biological arts


New learning and research environment at the intersection of art, life sciences and technology

Biofilia provides artists, researchers, students and scholars with the ability to engage with the life sciences and their applications within an artistic and cultural context, thus making creative and critical links between biosciences, engineering and the arts.


History of Biofilia

Biofilia – Base for Biological Arts, a biological art unit was launched under the School of Arts, Design and Architecture in 2012. It offers a platform for trans-disciplinary research and education that aims to create cultural discussions and innovations around the topics related to the manipulation of life and biological processes at a practical and theoretical level, including philosophical and ethical dimensions.

History in brief
Photo: Antti Huittinen


Aalto Biofilia offers unparalled reseach capacity for the growing field of biological art. The lab is equipped for hands-on research and creative experimentation and it provides the basic  tools for molecular biology, tissue culture and engineering and microbiology.

Unparalled research capacity
Photo: Antti Huittinen


An archive of Biofilia activities documented in videos, photographs, and media coverage.

Pictures and videos

Latest Announcements


Victoria Kang  •  Biofilia Laboratory Manager
+358 504014590
[email protected]

Visit: Otaniemi Campus, Kemistintie 1 B, School of Chemical Engineering

Post address: PL 16100, FI-00076 AALTO


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