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Transcript of records and certificate of student status

An electronic transcript of records and certificate of student status are PDF documents equipped with an electronic signature confirming their authenticity and integrity. The electronic signature replaces handwritten signatures and stamps.

You can download both documents from 'My Profile' section in Sisu. See detailed instructions on SisuHELP.

An electronic transcript of records/certificate of student status is only authentic in its electronic form and not as a printed copy, for example. You cannot edit the document. Any changes to the file will invalidate the electronic signature. Read more: Electronic documents and checking their authenticity (pdf)

You should be able to use the electronic transcript/certificate in all situations where signed and stamped paper documents are usually used. If the party concerned does not accept your electronically signed document, you may request a signed and stamped document on paper from the Aalto University Student Services.

Download an electronic transcript of records or a certificate of student status through Sisu

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