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Requesting rectification, student admissions to bachelor's programmes 2024

It is possible to submit a written request to rectify the admission decision within 14 days of the publication of the results. The purpose of the written rectification request procedure is to allow applicants to appeal against the admission decision on the grounds of a possible error in the decision-making. On this page you will find information on the right of appeal and the instructions for requesting rectification to the admission decision.
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Requesting rectification 

The purpose of the written rectification request procedure is to allow applicants to appeal against Aalto University’s student admission decisions on the grounds of a possible error in the decision-making, and thereby have an erroneous decision corrected. An admission decision may only be rectified if Aalto University has made an error in the admission process and the error in question entitles the applicant to have the admission decision rectified. The procedure is not intended to be used as a tool for requesting feedback or additional information on the admissions results. 

Read the instructions carefully before requesting rectification and submit your rectification request to Aalto University Registry by the deadline. 

You may appeal against an admission decision within 14 days of the publication of the admission results. See the deadlines for rectification requests for each application period under the section "Important dates regarding rectification requests". Your rectification request must be received by the respective deadline. The university will not process rectification requests received after the deadline or before the publication of results.  

Contents of the rectification request 

If you request rectification for several study options, you must make the request separately to each study option.  

Your rectification request must contain the following information: 

  • the study option that the rectification request concerns 
  • the decision you wish to have rectified 
  • a description of how you want the university to rectify its decision 
  • the grounds for your rectification request 
  • your contact information (full name, email address) 
  • written authorisation to your representative (if you use a representative) 

The rectification request must be directed to the Dean of the School in question (for example: The Dean, School of Business). You can find the name of the School on the website of each study option.  

You may not submit any new documents as a supplement to your rectification request. Aalto University makes the admission decisions, and the decisions on the rectification requests, on the basis of the information that you have delivered within the application period and by the deadlines for submitting the attachments to the application documents; and if you have been requested to provide the university with supplementary information, the information that you have delivered by the deadline stated in the request. 

In most cases, it is not necessary to include confidential information in your rectification request, such as your national identification number or information about your health or life situation, as they are not included in the admissions criteria that are considered in the admission process. 

Decisions on scholarships are final and cannot be appealed against. 

In the second joint application to higher education, you may request rectification on decisions concerning the study options that you have ranked higher in your application preferences than the option to which you were admitted. 

Below is a sample rectification request you can use as a template for your request. 

Sample rectification request 

Rectification request 

Name of the appellant: Ashley Applicant 

Contact details of the appellant: (email given in the application form, for example [email protected]

Study option: Spring first joint application 2024: Aalto Bachelor’s Programme in Science and Technology (Data Science) 

Decision requested to be rectified 

I request rectification to a decision by Aalto University regarding my application to the study option Data Science in spring 2024. 

The grounds for rejection were that my SAT test score did not meet the minimum requirements of the study option Data Science. 

Requested rectification 

I request a review by Aalto University of my SAT test score that were delivered to the University as required by the admission criteria of the study option Data Science. 

Grounds for the rectification request

According to the admission criteria, the minimum total score requirement in the SAT test is 1200 and the minimum score requirement for the Mathematics section is 650. 

I have taken the SAT test two times. The first time, in December 2022, my total score was 1100 and my score in the Mathematics section was 420, which does not meet the minimum score requirement. However, the second time, in May 2023, my total score was 1520 and the score in the Mathematics section was 670. 

I have ordered my SAT test score to be delivered to Aalto University in November 2023.  

I believe that Aalto University has erroneously considered my SAT test taken in December 2022 and not the one taken in May 2023, and that my SAT test score meets the minimum requirement. 

Submitting a rectification request and related deadlines 

All requests for rectification of admission decisions must be delivered to the University Registry by the given deadline, either to the Registry’s email address [email protected] or by post to its postal address: 

Aalto University 
P.O. Box 11000 
00076 Aalto, Finland. 

Use the following wording as the email subject line: Rectification request concerning the 2024 bachelor’s admissions.  

The electronic rectification request must be submitted as a pdf file. Submit your rectification request from the email address you entered in the application form used to apply to Aalto University. 

If you submit your rectification request by post, it is not enough to have the envelope stamped by the deadline; it must be received by Aalto University by the deadline. 

Aalto University must receive your rectification request by the deadline mentioned below. The university will not process rectification requests received after the deadline.  

Important dates regarding rectification requests 

You may request rectification to an admission decision within 14 days of the publication of the admission results. Below you will find deadlines for rectification requests per each application period. All rectification requests sent to Aalto University before the publication of the admission results will be returned to the sender. 

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