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Finland Scholarships and Finland Fellowships

Finland Scholarships and Finland Fellowships awarded by Aalto University are part of the national Finland Scholarship programme funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The scholarship programme runs from 2022 to 2024.
Aalto University students doing group work, sitting at a table with their laptops and notebooks / photo by Aalto University, Aino Huovio

Finland Scholarships

Non-EU/EEA applicants who are liable to tuition fees at Aalto University can apply for a Finland Scholarship at the same time when applying to a Master’s programme with the same application form. The scholarships are merit-based and granted on a competitive basis according to the academic evaluation criteria of each study option.

If you are considering master's studies at Aalto University, please read more on Finland Scholarships on the Scholarships and Tuition Fees pages.

Finland Fellowships

Finland Fellowships are awarded to those applicants from Africa, Central or South America who rank best according to the academic criteria in the admissions process at Aalto University. Students apply for Finland Fellowships at the same time when applying for doctoral studies. 

If you are considering doctoral studies at Aalto University, please read more on Finland Fellowships on How to apply for doctoral studies pages.

Joaquín de la Barra Toloza standing in front of a blackboard

Finland Fellowship provided seven months of funding for Joaquín during his Ph.D studies

Finland Fellowship covered seven months’ salary for Joaquín when he moved from Chile to pursue his Ph.D studies at Aalto University.

Doctoral education

Talent Boost

Finland is renowned for its excellent education, safe and well-working society and clean nature. Finland is among the most gender-equal societies in the world and offers equal opportunities for everyone.

Boasting the largest technology hub of the Nordic countries, Finland is a world leader in information technology, business, design and many other academically centred fields. We are known for world-class engineering, disruptive technology, architecture and design. Finland offers inspiring and diverse career opportunities for international talent in both Helsinki metropolitan area and the city of Tampere.

Experience our unique nature and the four seasons
Nature plays an essential role in the daily lives and identity of Finns. Characteristic of Finland and its nature are the four seasons – warm and bright summer nights contrasting with the peaceful darkness of winter months. And – if you’re lucky – the magic of the northern lights!

We welcome students from every aspect of the world. Start building your future in Finland!

Kuvassa kaksi opiskelijaa tutkii tietokoneen ruutua pöydän molemmiin puolin.Photo: Unto Rautio

Learning Services

Aalto University Learning Services (LES) is responsible for all services which facilitate the smooth progression of studies at the university.

Aalto University students. Photo by Unto Rautio.

Admission Services

Aalto University organises several admissions. On this page you can find instructions for applying to Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral programmes.

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