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Changing major within Aalto Bachelor’s Programme in Science and Technology

Students have the possibility to change the major subject within the Aalto Bachelor's Programme in Science and Technology after the first year of studies if they fulfill the admission criteria.
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  • Students of the Aalto Bachelor’s Programme in Science and Technology are directly admitted to one of the study options of the programme which is also the major subject of the Bachelor of Science degree. Students have the possibility to change the major subject within the programme after the first year of studies. 
  • Currently, it is not possible to change your major subject to this programme from Aalto University's other programmes offered in Finnish/Swedish, or by applying for transfer of study right from another university.
  • The following criteria apply when changing the major subject in 2024:
  1. at least 55 credits of studies by the end of June 2024, which can be transferred towards the degree
  2. a weighted grade point average of at least 3,50.
  • The 2024 quota per major is two. If there are more applicants than study places, the students with the highest weighted grade point average (GPA) are admitted. If several applicants have the same GPA, they will all be admitted.
  • Changing one’s major is possible only after the first year of studies (with consideration to absences permitted by law). 
  • Changing a major subject will not affect student’s liability to pay tuition fees or the scholarship terms and conditions.
  • You can apply to maximum three study options/majors. 
  • Application period for studies starting in autumn 2024: 2 May 2024 8.00 am - 16 May 2024 3.00pm, GMT +3. 
  • You can apply for maximum three majors with the same application and you need to put them in order of preference. 
  • Completed studies will be checked directly from the Sisu register after the application period has ended. Please note that the teachers have four weeks to register credits for a course after the exam date or other final course deadline. 
  • The admission results will be sent to the applicants by email at the latest on 4 July 2024. The admission offer needs to be accepted by 11 July 2024 by 3.00 pm. If you accept the study place, your previous study right will end on the 31 July 2024 and new study right will start on the 1 August 2024. The time you have used for studying your previous major (1 year) will be deducted from the total study time towards the degree for new students. 
  • Applicants need to include the following appendices to their application by 23 May 2024 by 3.00 pm:
  1. Study plan
    In your study plan you propose:
    - how the studies you have completed could be included in your degree
    - the schedule for completing the rest of the studies for your degree

    The purpose of the plan is to demonstrate that you have familiarized yourself with the contents and requirements of the degree and timing of your studies. 

    The study plan is made in Sisu and submitted as a pdf together with the application. Select "New study plan" and "All educations" in Sisu to select the right education. You can find further information about creating a study plan from the Student Guide

    Create a separate study plan for all the majors you apply for. Save your study plan as a PDF document and name it "Changing major_name of target major_your name.pdf"

    You can print out your study plan from Sisu using the print function: press the three-dot button in the upper right corner of the study plan you want, select "print study plan" and "save as PDF file".

  2. Statement of incomplete studies (if you have studies that will be completed by 30 June 2024 that have not yet been registered in Sisu)
    If you have studies that can be considered in the admission process, but they haven’t been registered in the study register at the time of the application, you will need to write a short, written statement about these studies. The statement can be a list of the remaining courses that you are still waiting to be registered. It should include the course codes, course names, the number of credits per course and the date that the course will be completed. 
  • How to calculate the weighted grade point average
    In addition to the grades, the weighted GPA takes into account the number of credits from the courses. It is calculated by multiplying each grade to be taken into account by with the number of credits of the course. The calculated products are summed up and divided by the total number of credits of the studies to be taken into account.
  • Information on this page concerns the 2024 application round. The quotas, and admission criteria are decided on annual basis, and there can be some changes for the next application round (2025). 

More detailed information about the application process

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