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Tenured Professors' Installation Talks

Aalto University celebrates its tenured professors with popular talks by the new tenure track professors of Associate or Full level three times a year. In the popular 15-minute talks, the professors will share what intrigues and motivates them in their research.
Professor giving his Installation Talk at Dipoli, 27.4.2022.
Professor Fabricio Oliveira giving his Installation Talk on 27.04.2022, photo by Lasse Lecklin

Tenured Professors’ Installation Talks promote the societal impact of research results and artistic activities. The event is a moment to celebrate the commitment and achievements of the newly tenured professors. 

The academic traditions all over the world date back to the birth of the first universities in Bologna, Paris and Oxford in the 11th and 12th centuries. One of the essential traditions is the ceremony appointing new professors to the highest-ranking position of teaching in the university. The word professor stems from the Latin verb profiteri, which means to declare publicly, to acknowledge, to profess. Universities have named the events in various ways; at Aalto University they are called the Tenured Professors’ Installation Talks.

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Tenured Professors' Installation Talks in 2024

Tenured Professors’ Installation Talks event is organized three times a year, usually the last Wednesday of January, April and October. The presentations are preceded by the Professors’ Appointment Ceremony and followed by a reception. The event is held in English and all are welcome!

Newly tenured professors talk about their research journeys

How does progress happen in research? How do professors see the process from the inside, and how could it be better?

Lohmann, a white female, stands in front of a lit seaweed sculpture. Laakso, a white male, seated in a metallic room with wires.

Sparks of curiosity: two professors share what they wonder about

Two newly tenured Aalto professors talk about what drives them

Three side-by-side pictures of the professors.

A need for nuance: three professors offer perspective through their research

Three newly tenured Aalto professors talk about the complexities of real-world research

Two images in a diptych showing the professors. On the left, Koen Van Leemput is standing in front of an MRI machine, hands in pockets, smiling at the viewer. On the right, Tiina Nypelö is riding a bike down a corridor towards the viewer.

Reflecting on research: insights from two professors

Two newly tenured Aalto professors talk about their research journeys

Three images showing the professors. On the left, İdil Gaziulusoy is sitting on a staircase with a pile of books. In the center, Miloš Mladenović is standing with his bike at the Aalto University metro station. On the right, Matti Hämäläinen is standing in the lab holding a square frame with a picture of a brain.

Journeys of inspiration: three paths to professorship

Three newly tenured Aalto professors share their story

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