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THIS PAGE IS STILL EDITED. On this page, you will find privacy notices for research projects carried out at Aalto University, which describe the processing of personal data in the research in question. The research project may inform about the processing of the participants´personal data in their research also verbally, by giving the participants a notice on paper or by e-mail or on their own website. If necessary, ask for the privacy notice from the person who has been given as a contact person in the study.

Processing of personal data in university research 

Research is a basic task of the university. Every research project define its personal data processing needs separately and informs its research subjects of these processing activities.

Why are we allowed to process your personal data?

The processing of personal data is based on the EU General Data Protection Regulation and national data protection legislation. The justifications for the processing are defined separately in every research project, and the project's research subjects are informed of these justifications.

Find privacy notices provided by the research project 

In the files below you find according to the name of the research project privacy notice, in which you are informed of protection of your personal data, and of your rights according to GDPR. 

Don´t you find privacy notice here?

Check if:

  • the privacy notice has been provided to you by email or included in the paper documentation when you have been interviewed or participated the tests?
  • the research project has its own web page, where the privacy notice is available?

You may always ask for the documentation from the contact person of the research project. 

In addition, you may contact data protection officer, [email protected].

Privacy notices

Other privacy notices by Aalto University

You find other privacy notices here. 

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Privacy notices

Aalto University's privacy notices

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