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Lifewide learning seed funding

Seed funding is available to support lifewide learning projects and faculty recruitment in Aalto University schools and departments. Funding lifewide learning at Aalto is intended to support our commitment to helping individuals, businesses, and society with upskilling and reskilling needs.
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A seed fund has been made available for Aalto schools and departments to develop projects focused on lifewide learning with financial viability. The lifewide learning funding is specifically aimed at boosting academic activities and helping departments get a kick-start in offering lifewide learning courses that are both sustainable and financially viable.

Two types of funding are available in the autumn 2023 round of applications:

  1. project funding up to 100k€ for one year, and
  2. faculty funding for teaching positions up to 60k€ per year for five years, when the department commits to match 50% of the funding.

We are committed to providing learners with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in an ever-changing world. By providing seed funding for lifewide learning development, we are investing in the future and helping to create a culture of lifewide learning that will benefit the society and industries. In committing to this seed funding initiative, Aalto University is actively investing in our society's upskilling and reskilling needs.

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Project Funding

Project funding helps schools and departments to develop new products, models, tools, and methodologies that foster a culture of lifewide learning and bring feasible lifewide learning products to life. Each development project can be granted up to 100k€ per one year.

To apply for the funding, schools and departments need to submit proposals outlining their lifewide learning initiatives. Proposals must demonstrate how the project aligns with the lifewide learning approach and promotes innovative teaching and learning approaches. The project proposals will be evaluated based on their commercial potential, impact, feasibility, and sustainability.

Project proposal process

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Faculty funding

A faculty recruitment funding supports schools and departments to initiate faculty recruitment efforts which increase lifewide teaching. 

Each recruitment endeavor can be granted up to 60k€ per year for a maximum of 5 years, when the department commits to match 50% of the funding. The first funding is granted for 18 months (6 months preparation + 12 months for LWL delivery), further funding is subject to LWL contribution (metrics ECTS equivalent or € revenues).

The faculty recruitment should aim to attract scholars, researchers, and educators who can foster a culture of lifewide learning and contribute to the development and delivery of feasible lifewide learning methodologies and products. Typical titles for recruitment include, but are not limited to, Professor of Practice, Executive in Residence, and Lecturer. Normal academic processes and criteria and Aalto policies for the respective positions need to be followed.

Proposals must demonstrate how the recruitment aligns with the university's commitment to lifewide learning and how it promotes innovative approaches to lifewide learning at Aalto.


Deadline for applications (project funding & faculty funding) 16 October 2023
Deadline for project plans 31 October 2023
Decision will be taken 30 November 2023
Funding period for this call 1 January – 31 December 2024
Recruitments: 2024–2028

Proposal support

Expertise in lifewide learning

Lifewide learning specialists can provide expertise on innovation in teaching and learning, learner needs, as well as opportunities in the market and emerging trends in lifewide learning. This can help schools and departments identify the most effective lifewide learning initiatives to pursue.

Business and commercialization knowledge

Commercialization specialists can provide expertise on how to develop sustainable and financially viable lifewide learning initiatives. They can help schools and departments identify potential markets for their initiatives, as well as strategies for scaling their ideas.

Facilitation of productization sessions

Lifewide learning and commercialization specialists can facilitate brainstorming sessions with schools and departments to help generate innovative and impactful ideas for lifewide learning initiatives. They can also help schools and departments refine and prioritize their ideas based on feasibility, impact, and financial sustainability.

Feedback and evaluation

Specialists can provide feedback and evaluation of proposals during the ideation phase, helping schools and departments to refine their ideas and ensure that their initiatives are aligned with best practices and emerging trends in lifewide learning.

Examples of lifewide learning

Aalto Radical Creativity summer school. Original image: George Atanassov

Are you prepared to explore radical creativity this August?

The Radical Creativity Summer School inspires and guides participants to explore and experiment with innovative methods of working towards a more sustainable future. 'This is a condensed package of inspiration, akin to a candy shop where you can sample a variety of flavours.'

People with laptops having a meeting around a table.

First Time Manager training gives guidance for new supervisors, team leaders and project managers

Students will find out what kind of skills and knowledge a person starting in their first managerial position should have.

People in a meeting discussing excitedly.

Aalto University has launched a corporate collaboration with Murata to support lifewide learning

The collaboration has produced a website representing hand-picked courses for Murata’s employees.


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Laura Sivula

Business Area Director, Lifewide learning
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Ida Hyvärinen

Program Manager, Lifewide learning
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