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Information on coronavirus

Information on the effects of coronavirus on activities at Aalto University.

26 May 2020:
Avoid visiting the campus during the entrance examinations

Entrance examinations for this spring will be held on campus on

  • 1-5 June,
  • 12 June, and
  • 16 June

On these dates, campus will be reserved for entrance examinations, and only activities agreed upon in advance (including groups engaged in critical research) may take place on university premises. Please schedule all other visits on days other than those set aside for entrance exams.


13 May 2020:

Campus reopening gradually according to safety guidelines

Dear members of the Aalto community,  

With the Finnish government’s gradual lifting of coronavirus restrictions, so too is Aalto gradually reopening Otaniemi campus. Many policies are therefore being updated. The new policies enter into force on Thursday 14 May. The policies may be revised if the pandemic situation or official recommendations by the authorities change. 

Remote work and working on campus  

Work at Aalto University will continue remotely during the spring and summer for the most part, however, facilities on campus may be used if it is particularly necessary. Schools and departments plan the implementation of experimental research locally, in accordance to the safety guidelines.  

To ensure safe working in a coordinated manner, to accommodate the needs of different visitors and units as well as to avoid possible congestion, all visits to the campus should be notified to [email protected] in advance:  

  • Report one-day visits by 16.00 the day before the visit.  
  • Report 2–5 day visits by 9.00 on Friday the week before the visits.  
  • Your message must specify the visiting person’s name, unit, and the time and place (for example, room number) of the visit.  

In the event of many people wishing to visit the same space, congestion will be reduced by giving priority to entrance examinations, experimental research and services supporting these. 

Meetings should take place online only.  

Everyone is responsible for seeing to their own physical distancing, and people in higher risk groups should take special precautions regarding the use of campus facilities. Measures to increase safety on campus, such as the cleaning of campus facilities, will be increased. If you have symptoms of a cold, influenza or some other infectious disease, stay at home.  

Teaching, studying and doctoral dissertations 

Teaching and study will continue mainly remotely during the spring and summer. It is possible to use some facilities, such as laboratories and workshops, as well as teaching spaces for limited contact-teaching, if necessary. Arrangements for the use of summer teaching spaces are proceeding. Small exams (under 50 participants) can be arranged in a way that ensures no exam room has more than 20 participants. Large examinations will be held remotely.  

Teaching in the autumn will begin according to the planned schedule. Most orientation activities will be held online, but some activities can be arranged to take place on campus providing that the safety measures are in place. Teaching will be implemented remotely for the most part. However, teaching may be conducted on campus if the safety measures are observed and if allowed under the status of the pandemic and the national restrictions.  

Public doctoral dissertation events will be carried out remotely until the end of May. From beginning of June, they may be held remotely or on campus, if it is particularly necessary, under certain space restrictions. No more than 20 individuals may attend such on-campus events. 

The organisers of teaching, exams and dissertations are asked to notify their plans regarding the use of the campus facilities well in advance already at the planning stage [email protected] 

Notification procedures for students to visit the campus are published separately on Into. 

Human resource matters 

Most of the emergency guidelines will remain in place throughout the summer. Holidays may be spent normally – given the circumstances – and half-day holidays remains a possibility as well. Converting holiday bonuses into paid leave is recommended, and it is possible to switch to part-time work on short notice or for a short duration. Until further notice, sick leaves of under 7 days (5 workdays) require only notifying one’s supervisor and entering it into Workday. Medical certificate is not required. Recruiting will take place by interviewing applicants remotely and visits related to academic recruitment are recommended to be relocated or, if particularly necessary, carried out remotely. Contractual employment relationships may not commence in the form of working remotely from abroad. 


At the moment, there shall be no work-related travel abroad, in line with the Finnish government’s recommendations and quarantine provisions. Work assignments abroad may not commence until the insurance companies begin to reissue coverage for such work.  

Campus services  

While most campus services are continuing remotely, some on-campus services are being gradually reintroduced. The Learning Centre will open on Monday, 25 May at the latest: 

  • Reserved books pick-up point is open on weekdays from 10am to 2pm.
  • The pickup of materials expanded to include customers from outside the university.  
  • New library cards are being issued for lending out necessary materials.  
  • An area for reading theses is being set up in the lobby.   

IT Service Desk is open from 9.00 to 12.00 at  Väre (on Tuesdays and Wednesdays) and the Undergraduate Centre (Otakaari 1, Thursdays and Fridays). Postal deliveries continue in their current form. As for the possible opening of campus restaurants on 1 June, this is still pending more specific instructions from the Finnish government.  

More detailed internal instructions and guidelines from https://www.aalto.fi/en/aalto-university/internal-instructions-related-to-coronavirus.  

Crisis Management Team (CMT)
Aalto University

The Aalto University Crisis Management Team (CMT) is responsible for Aalto University’s instructions. The CMT is led by the president. Members of the CMT include the head of security and risk management and the director of communications, as well as other key Aalto staff when necessary. The CMT is following the coronavirus situation, keeping in close contact with the authorities and formulating the measures to be taken by the university. The CMT utilises the situational assessments of the Finnish authorities and experts.

If you do not find answers to your questions in material published on this webpage, you can email us at [email protected].   

Advisory services

  • If you suspect you’ve contracted the coronavirus, the Terveystalo website provides instructions for home care and treatment. Contact Terveystalo primarily through Doctor chat 24/7. You will need your online banking credentials or a mobile identification to sign in. If you don’t have these credentials, call 030 6000 and your call is directed to a doctor.
  • A nationwide telephone helpline provides general information on the coronavirus, 0295 535 535. This telephone counseling does not provide health counseling or counseling for acute symptoms on call. Open from 8 am to 9 pm on weekdays and from 9 am to 3 pm on Saturdays.
  • The public health care helpline number is 116 117 (24/7).

Useful links

THL.fi: Coronavirus COVID-19 - latest updates

YHTS.fi: Current information concerning the coronavirusTerveystalo website

UM.fi: Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Travel advisories (in Finnish)

UM.fi Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Info on coronavirusWHO.org: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak

Useful instructions

A person using VR headset

Information regarding support for online teaching at opit.aalto.fi

Information regarding support for online teaching at opit.aalto.fi

Laboratoriossa käytössä oleva koeputkiteline.

Coronavirus - Information for students

Coronavirus - Information for students


Coronavirus guidance for events

Aalto University organises no public events for the time being. Please find below links and tips on tools for organising virtual events as well as a message template for cancelling or postponing an event.

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IT Help

Here you can find instructions related to IT Services.

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