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Information on coronavirus

Information on the effects of coronavirus and COVID-19 on activities at Aalto University.
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On this page you will find the most important and up-to-date guidelines related to the coronavirus situation. Supplementary information can be found from the page Internal instructions related to coronavirus (requires log-in). Further instructions and relevant links are at the bottom of this page.


Facilities and safety

  • We strongly recommended the use of face masks in all spaces and situations where other people are present, unless prevented for personal health reasons. If you forget to bring a mask, you may obtain one from the lobby services of the building. 

  • Remember to maintain good hand hygiene, avoid close contacts and not to come to campus if you are ill.  
  • We hope that as many members of the Aalto community as possible will protect themselves and others by taking the vaccine. Covid-19 vaccines effectively prevent severe forms of the disease and curb the spread of the virus.


  • We recommend that Aalto employees work remotely tasks permitting and hold meetings online. 
  • Those working on campus should reserve a workspace through the Aalto Space app.
  • For example, teaching staff and the employees working in workshops, laboratories and service desks work on campus, too. 
  • Read about hybrid working here.
  • Book a workspace in advance through the Aalto Space app
  • Aalto personnel are required to have their Aalto ID card visible at all times. 

Studying and teaching

  • Teaching this autumn is implemented in a hybrid form. 
  • In Period II, teaching will follow the previously planned timetable, and spaces can be used to full capacity while we simultaneously ensure health security. 
  • We will publish information on the potential further details affecting the spring 2022 teaching arrangements by the beginning of December.  
  • Self-study spaces are open. Students can use them by reserving a workspace via the Aalto Space app, taking account of health security.  
  • The use of teaching space must be arranged so that participants in the teaching session can effectively avoid having close contact with the other participants.
  • Foot traffic congestion should be avoided.
  • Up-to-date coronavirus guidelines for students can be found here

Events and visitors

  • The aim is to organise on-campus events that are central to Aalto University’s operations, such as public examinations of doctoral theses and graduation ceremonies, in a way that takes account of health security. 
  • We recommend that all event organisers carefully assess the need for their event, its physical arrangements and the possibility of organising the event online or postponing it.
  • Event organisers are responsible for the health security of the event.  
  • Last week, the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland issued special restrictions on sing-along events and events held in venues that require audiences to stand.For details on the restrictions, see the webpage of the Regional State Administrative Agency (in Finnish only). 
  • For information and instructions on the COVID-19 passport, see the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health webpages.

  • Read more about facility use and event security here.
  • The events team of Lobby Services will be happy to give you further information and advice: [email protected] 


Useful links

THL.fi: Coronavirus COVID-19 - latest updates

YHTS.fi: Current information concerning the coronavirusTerveystalo website

UM.fi: Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Travel advisories (in Finnish)

UM.fi Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Info on coronavirusWHO.org: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak

Latest email to employees and students

Useful instructions

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Information regarding support for online teaching at opit.aalto.fi (external link)

Information regarding support for online teaching at opit.aalto.fi

Laboratoriossa käytössä oleva koeputkiteline.

Coronavirus - Information for students (external link)

Coronavirus - Information for students

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How to organise events responsibly maintaining coronavirus protocols

The Aalto University campus is available for events. The event organiser must ensure the safety of participants.

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IT Help

Here you can find instructions related to IT Services and current news.

News related to coronavirus on aalto.fi

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A new programme models airflows much faster than before – without a supercomputer

Modelling reveals that even rooms with efficient ventilation often have areas where the air is stagnant. Assistant Professor Ville Vuorinen believes that a new programme could become a tool that can be used by both researchers as well as experts responsible for planning of public spaces.
Mobile phone. Photo: Aleksi Poutanen
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Covid-19 contract-tracing apps are less trusted by those from socially disadvantaged backgrounds

People who are mistrusting, socially disadvantaged, or have less digital access, are generally more negative towards the idea of using digital contract tracing apps to control COVID-19.
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Covid-19 vaccines available at the Otaniemi campus on 20 October from 10 to 15

The vaccination site is open to students and personnel at the Undergraduate Centre, room Y115.
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Helsinki Brain & Mind utilises digitalisation and develops AI-based brain imaging analysis

In the coming years, the network in neuroscience research will focus its efforts on the development of digital solutions and innovations. The network’s new project, with a budget of over €880,000, has received substantial EU funding for the term 2021–2023.
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