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III Our responsibility to act ethically  / part 2

We are committed to performing all our activities with integrity and promoting fair and honest practices. Our responsibility to act ethically is the third pillar in Aalto University’s Code of Conduct. See also part 1 of this pillar.
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We act honestly — all our activities are guided by our values and integrity.

All relevant laws and regulations as well as this Code and other Aalto University policies are always the foundation of what we do.  

Conflicts of interest

We are committed to recognising, disclosing and avoiding financial and non-financial conflicts of interest, whether perceived or actual, that could compromise or conflict with our responsibilities towards Aalto, or which could impair our ability to perform our duties and responsibilities towards Aalto objectively. As employees of Aalto, we also have a special duty to comply with rules related to disqualification.


All our relationships with external stakeholders must reflect our commitment to performing all our activities with integrity and promoting fair and honest practices. We will not accept bribery of any form and we refrain from any activity or behaviour that could give rise to the appearance or suspicion of such conduct or the attempt thereof. Aalto makes a clear distinction between gratuitous donation and compensable cooperation in all its activities.

Gifts and hospitality

Offering or accepting hospitality should be done sparingly and always be legitimate and proportionate in the context of Aalto’s activities. Our employees are not allowed to accept benefits or gifts of significant cash value from any current or potential external service providers, suppliers or other partners. Such benefits include journeys, meals, entrance tickets, supplies or services, gift cards etc. Benefits or gifts worth more than one hundred euros (€100) are considered as having significant value.

Part 1 of pillar 3 discusses academic freedom, responsible conduct of research and openness and responsibility in communication

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