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Endowment and investment strategy

The endowment supports the sustainable funding of Aalto University’s operations, research, education and innovation.
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In a nutshell

The Aalto University endowment is the university's investment portfolio which has the purpose of generating funding for its academic activities. The endowment was set up by a fundraising campaign and government capitalization between 2008 and 2012, which generated a total of EUR 700 million. EUR 50 million in investments from special purpose funds of the three merged universities is also a part of the endowment. Ownership of subsidiary companies as well as real estate, real estate investments, apartments and other operative assets are excluded from the endowment.

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The endowment has enabled long-term investments towards increasing demand in research and education for future years.

Ilkka Niemelä, President of Aalto University

Supporting the university

The main purpose of the endowment is to generate annual funding for Aalto University's operations to enable the university to fulfil its strategic goals as well as support high-quality education, research and innovation. The endowment provides the university with financial independence and enhances funding stability, both of which are deemed fundamental requirements for a top-class university.

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Spending policy

The endowment has a target spending rate of 2.5% per year, which is based on an expected long-term real return, in other words, a return above the inflation rate. This ensures that the endowment will grow in line with inflation and can therefore support academic activities consistently and sustainably.  

The actual annual spending is decided by the Aalto University Board each year and stability acts as the key factor in that decision-making. Changes in the portfolio market value and the overall funding of the university are also considered. 

Key figures of 2020 and reports

Aalto University’s academic results and international recognition maintained momentum in 2020. The university was able to promptly adjust to the exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic. On this page also the Annual Board Report and Financial Statements 2020.

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Long-term investment strategy

The cornerstone of our investment strategy is our purpose – providing funding for the university while accumulating the real value of the endowment. Reaching these goals requires prudent and consistent risk taking over time. Concurrently, we maintain adequate liquidity in the portfolio to ensure our ability to cover the medium-term funding needs regardless of the market environment. Investments in private assets and the implementation of more advanced investment strategies will also be done when they offer attractive expected returns.     

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Responsibility and sustainability

The purpose of Aalto University is to shape a sustainable future through research, education and positive societal impact. The endowment contributes to this purpose directly by enabling these academic activities via its annual funding and building financial resilience. We are committed to responsible investing and managing the endowment in a sustainable way in line with our values. 

Endowment actions to support strategy

Approaches to responsible investing

As we invest through funds, a key part of the investment process is selecting and monitoring these external fund managers. Our external managers are encouraged to use multiple approaches to responsible investing. For example, exclusions are a useful tool for some investment strategies, whereas integrated ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) analysis and active ownership can bring better results and impact on others. Our focus is always forward-looking, which means that the expected impact of investment decisions is evaluated.  

Responsible investing must be balanced between both risks and opportunities. In short, we control our exposure to investments with a high ESG risk and negative impact, while aiming to increase our exposure to investments with a positive ESG profile and impact.

ESG performance categories in investment strategy

Our long-term target is to have a carbon neutral portfolio. As a medium-term target, we will significantly reduce the carbon intensity of our portfolio. This is to be implemented gradually from 2021 to 2030 and we will begin reporting on carbon intensity and other responsible investing indicators in 2021. 

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Management and oversight

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Marianna Bom

Chief Financial Officer

Iivo Paukkeri

Head of Investments

Lauri Ehanti

Senior Portfolio Manager

Lauri Ström

Portfolio Manager

Endowment news

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University Published:

Aalto University endowment returned 10.9% during first half of 2021

Endowment provides EUR 28 million to fund research and education this year.
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University Published:

Aalto University endowment provided EUR 36 million to fund education and research

The university takes steps towards carbon-neutral endowment portfolio.
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University Published:

Aalto University endowment returned 15.5% in 2019

The purpose of the Aalto University endowment and its long-term strategy is to generate additional funding for top quality research and education.
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University Published:

Aalto University endowment funded university operations with 15 million in 2018

The purpose of the Aalto University endowment and its long-term strategy is to generate additional funding for top quality research and education.
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