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Safety on Aalto University campus

Aalto University opened all facilities on campus in autumn 2021 and is welcoming students from all over the world. Summer courses by Aalto University Summer School will be held according to the curriculum on campus or online in 2022. Here you will find updated information about the current travel regulations to Finland and how Aalto University prevents the spread of the coronavirus on campus.
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Updated 1.4.2022. 

By 1 April 2022, 87.2% of the target population (aged 18 or over) have received two vaccine doses in Finland and 62.8% have received three vaccine doses. We hope that as many members of the Aalto community as possible will protect themselves and others by taking the vaccine.

Safety on Aalto University campus

Aalto University opened up campus in September 2021, and our facilities have been open since. Campus is used for teaching, events and visits with no specific restrictions on gatherings. It is still necessary to pay close attention to health security. Preventing the transmission of coronavirus in our community is the mutual responsibility of all members of the Aalto community.

We recommend using face masks in all situations where close contact with others cannot be avoided. If you forget to bring a mask, you may obtain one from the lobby services of the building. General hygiene requirements are in force: we maintain good hand hygiene, maintain distances and do not come to the campus if feeling ill. 

Travelling to Finland

We follow the national guidelines for travelling. You can find the most recent updated information about travelling to Finland during the corona pandemic here.

You can find information about entering and travelling to Finland by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland here.

Other useful links

Read more about Aalto University’s guidelines related to the coronavirus situation

Find the latest updates on the coronavirus situation in Finland by Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare here.

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Information on coronavirus

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